Your booth

The booths are maximum 2.5 m. high and are built by the official booth constructor of Laborama.

The exhibitor may decorate the interior of the booth, but decoration, exhibit material or other display items may not, in any way, be higher than the maximum height of the booth, or exceed the surface of the booth. The exhibitor is not allowed to put any other floor covering in his booth than the standard floor covering placed by the organizer.

The structures supplied by Laborama may not be damaged, replaced or dismantled by the exhibitor. Exhibitors causing any damage or making alterations to the booth as supplied to them by the organizer or to any other item placed in the exhibition hall by the organization will be charged for all necessary repairs which the organization needs to carry out.

Exhibitors are not allowed to fix hanging signs to the ceilings of the exhibition hall for whatever purpose.

Total hight of the booth: 2,5m
Panel width: 1m
Free space (panel) between 2 alu profiles : 90cm

Wednesday, March 13th, 2023  from 12h00 till 22h00
Thursday, March 14th, 2023 from 07h00u till 09h00 (finishing only – booths and alleys have already been cleaned!)

Friday, March 15th, 2023 from 16h00 till 21h00

​​Acces with vehicles to the Brussels Expo premises will during dismantling, only be possible on presentation of an admission ticket. You can order this ticket via the exhibition manual.

Access to the exhibition hall by car is not possible during exhibition days.

The official logistics partner for LABORAMA 2024 is ZIEGLER EXPO LOGISTICS.

You can contact them for the following services:

  • Receptioning of goods
  • Forwarding
  • Storage goods
  • Storage empty packaging
  • ...

Please contact Ms Aline Reul directly for a custom made offer via e-mail: 
Tel.: +32-2475 45 44 web:

The services of Ziegler Expo logistics are to be paid for and must be reserved in advance (see also the exhibitor's manual)