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DataPhysics Instruments celebrates 25th anniversary

Since August 1997, DataPhysics Instruments has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing laboratory measuring devices for the characterisation of interfaces and surfaces. From the beginning, the focus has been on the development of innovative and modular measuring instruments as well as user-friendly software. This product philosophy will remain at the core of the company. The laboratory measuring device manufacturer DataPhysics Instruments turns 25. Nils Langer, managing director, says: “This birthday is an important milestone for DataPhysics Instruments, especially after the challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Over the past 25 years, we have expanded our product portfolio steadily. In our anniversary year...

Achrom news : DigiVol / The new digital syringe with a brain !

DigiVOL : The Analytical Syringe with a Brain. DigiVol is a high performance, handheld digital analytical syringe designed for aliquoting aqueous, organic & volatile liquids from 0.1ul to 5ml at pressure, with exceptional accuracy and precision. Applicaties for Direct to Mass Spec, Filtration, Routine dispensing, Dispensing Volatiles Organics, Sequence Micro Reactions, Standards Addition, Efficient Dilutions, Reaction/Kinetic studies, Derivatisation Reagent Addition, Hand-held Automated Delivery Biotechnology. Click here to open the brochure

Achrom invites : Come and see working the ePREP fully automated sample preapartaion stand alone workstation !

e-Prep is designed for the Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry Laboratory. Able to automate µl to ml liquid aliquoting, filtering, liquid/liquid extraction and SPE direct into a sealed vial in any instrument autosampler rack. Operating offline allows a single ePrep to prepare samples for multiple analytical instruments. Key features : Complete automation, Flexibel configuration, Workflow and Configuration Depository, Rotating Foot, Analytical Syringes, Robotic syringe device, syringe wash station, Automated SPE, MICROSPE & FILTERING. Click here to open the brochure   

ACHROM introduce the new Bioinert YMC-Accura Triart (U)HPLC Columns

Bioinert YMC-Accura Triart Columns
Robust bioinert (U)HPLC columns for high accuracy: YMC-Accura Triart (U)HPLC columns The recently introduced YMC-Accura Triart (U)HPLC columns allow superior reproducibility and highest accuracy. They are the ideal choice for analysis of: oligonucleotides, nucleotides peptides and proteins metal coordinating compounds.  
The unique coating is 130-320-fold thicker making it more durable than other similar hardware concepts. A long-term inertness against sensitive substances is ensured as can be seen in figure A (top area is bare steel for comparison).
Other coated columns can lose their inertness over time. This will again lead to adsorption of sensitive compounds on the uncovered metallic surfaces. Peak tailing, loss of recovery and sample carry over are typical results...

HOYTOM: A new partner in material testing

Founded in 1961, Hoytom is a third-generation family-run business, based in the province of Biscay in the Basque Country Spain. They manufacture tensile testing machines up to 2000kN and higher, Pendulum impact testing machines up to 750 Joules and custom machines.

Analis takes over VOS instrumenten

Analis takes a big step forward by acquiring the Dutch company Vos Instrumenten. With nearly 100 years of experience, Analis offers a wide range of scientific and laboratory equipment with its team of more than 150 employees. The company is highly recognized for its expertise and the quality of its services. Vincent Luyckx, CEO of Analis, is pleased with the acquisition: "VOS Instrumenten is known as a qualitative laboratory specialist that customers can count on. Given its activities and area of operation, this acquisition fits well within the growth strategy of Analis as a BeNeLux partner for every lab." After the establishment of...