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SerCoLab offers you a wide range of 'premium brands' of equipment, software, columns, consumables and services in all areas of chromatography: nano-LC/MS, U-HPLC/MS, GC/MS,CZE, MCCGC-IMS, On/Off-line SPE and Bio-LC & Prep LC. We guarantee our customers a professional support and after-sales service by experienced staff. You can count on our expertise for applications in areas such as: Bio-pharmaceutical R&D and QC, Environmental and food analysis, Medical Toxicology labs, Life Sciences, Fine Chemicals and others. Our partners: Knauer GmbH; Tosoh Bioscience; Thermo Scientific; Axel Semrau (ex Spark); AKZO Nobel (Kromasil) TOSOH GPC; Gas generators Claind; SKC (air sampling); RWD (Cryo-Microtomes and acc.); Membrapure (lab water systems, TOC, IC, Amino acid analyser) NEW : Our FOOD-ANALYSER is a total solution for the agro-food industry and not only contains the analytical hardware but also a sample prepartion protocol, all needed reagents, a column, a ready to use analytical method, installation, training and star-up on your samples so that you are up and running in 2 days. The food analyser will be present on our booth (but not in operation). Our MCC-GC-IMS (Multi Cappilary Column GC Ion Mobility Spetrometer allows to detect, identify and quantify volatiles (eg. off-odours, armoa's ) in minutes. The MCC_GC-IMS will be operational on our booth. So bring your reference and off-samples to us for testing.

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