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Meet the anlyatical productspecialist dr Esser from YMC for (U)HPLC, Prep. LC & Glass Columns

Come and see the LAb Scale Glass Columns & Pilot PLus Glas Column on the Achrom -Calibre booth G9 Do have a new chromatography Project ? Let's talk and share our Know How ! we are wellcome you   Achrom team & Manufactures 

New GL Sciences BIO LC columns ProteoSil at a special introduction !

Click on the GL Sciences ProteoSil brochure here to download the brochure 

Join the MIRA Challenge at Laborama!

Metrohm invites you to visit our booth F17 and participate in the MIRA Challenge during Laborama. The MIRA is known for its ability to tackle any challenge and is perfect for product quality control, identification, and verification/qualification. Our MIRA is the most compact Raman material identification system on the market and is designed for ease of use and portability. With its smart and fast solutions for on-the-go material analysis, the MIRA offers unparalleled performance for a wide range of applications. Experience the MIRA and appreciate its intuitive operation that can easily be used by anyone, everywhere. Test it out for yourself at our...

METTLER TOLEDO Launches New Generation Of Laboratory Balances

March 01, 2024 - Greifensee, Switzerland With the introduction of the new Advanced and Standard Balance portfolio, including MX, MR, MA and LA lines, METTLER TOLEDO positions itself at the forefront of laboratory weighing when it comes to simplicity, performance and robustness. The new balances provide customers with even greater resilience, even better measurement performance, and an even simpler user interface and smart features for a smooth, ergonomic and sustainable weighing experience. Greifensee, Switzerland – METTLER TOLEDO (NYSE: MTD) announces the launch of four new laboratory balance lines. Starting today, laboratories from large enterprises, medium-sized companies, and startups worldwide will have a more...

Tailor your multiplex PCR tests to perfection.

Tailor your multiplex PCR tests to perfection. Discover tailored PCR kits integrated with our AI software. For clients seeking lab analysis outsourcing: TAAG Europe is set to open a new service lab in Zaventem, near Brussels. ISO 17025 accreditation anticipated soon. Join us at Hall 3, booth F10 for insights into our innovative technologies.

Lecture on Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors by Dr. Jeroen Lybaert at Laborama 2024

On Friday, March 15th at 2:05 PM, Dr. Jeroen Lybaert, Product Manager in Electrochemistry at Metrohm, will deliver a lecture during the scientific sessions at the Laborama conference center. The lecture, entitled "Electrochemical sensors and biosensors: portable analysis possibilities and challenges," will highlight the revolutionary potential of electrochemical sensors and biosensors in various analyses. Electrochemical sensors and biosensors have the potential to transform a wide range of analyses. In recent years, setups and instruments have become smaller and more compact, enabling the creation of portable and compact analyzers that can be easily and quickly used in any location. This, combined with...

BioSPX presents CURIOSIS - Digital Microscopes

CURIOSIS DIGITAL MICROSCOPES   Maintaining cells in optimal health leads to reproducible results for research success. Curiosis provides real-time automated live cell imaging systems that can be used on the bench and in the incubator. Extensive imaging instruments are not needed anymore for more basic applications, such as Wound healing assay Cell proliferation Cell growth and confluency Apoptosis Cytotoxicity assay Transfection efficiency Spheroid screening   CELLOGER MINI PLUS Celloger Mini Plus is an automated imaging system that is equipped with brightfield and advanced red or green fluorescence microscopy. The motorized camera provides real time multi-position imaging technology in various vessel types and plates up to 96 well. Its compact size easily...


Extran® labware detergents for manual cleaning and laboratory washers ensure contamination-free cleaning of glassware and apparatus in laboratories and production facilities, both before and after use. Environmentally friendly – formulated with biodegradable active ingredients for greener cleaning Residue-free cleaning with validation support – our photometric testing method can assist your lab in proving the absence of nonionic surfactants Safe and non-toxic – free of fragrances, dyes, oxidants, chlorine, enzymes, and NTA  

TOCnology made for you. Discover the new multi N/C x300 series.

Discover TOCnology made for you. The TOC/TNb analyzers of the new multi N/C x300 series give you what is most precious: time. A one-year stable calibration, no need for sample dilution. and clever automation functions allow you to focus on the essentials: your analysis results, your team, your customers. The convenient and intuitive operation makes your workflows easy and efficient. With a wide range of add-ons, the analyzers can be tailored to your specific needs in terms of sample types, sample throughput, and analysis parameters. Whether particle-rich wastewater samples, ultrapure water, drinking water, acid or lye, you get results you can...

ChemSPX, part of BRS, and TECNIC (Spain) will collaborate in the fields of high-end bioreactors and up- and downstream processing.

ChemSPX, part of BRS, and TECNIC (Spain) will collaborate in the fields of high-end bioreactors and up- and downstream processing. Bioreactors play a crucial role in biotechnology, creating controlled environments conducive to the growth of living cells and micro-organisms. TECNIC (Spain, since 2011) is committed to being flexible to the specific needs of each laboratory, and adapts its offer to meet the various production specifications. TECNIC offers products in a varied range, divided into three categories (upstream and downstream, single-use and multiple-use):
- eLAB®, with capacities ranging from 1 to 5 liters
- ePILOT®, with capacities from 10 to 50 liters

Colour meter that measures both colour and gloss.

Hunterlab's benchtop spectrophotometer Agera is the ultimate solution for quality control of the appearance of your products. This easy-to-use all-in-one colour meter measures more than just colour. It characterises the appearance of your sample by simultaneously measuring colour and gloss and taking a photo in one measurement.  Discover the Agera colour meter. Need more information? Contact us

New Laboratory Instruments from METTLER TOLEDO

At Laborama, METTLER TOLEDO will be showcasing brand-new laboratory instruments. Make an appointment and find out all about it at stand #B4!

The future of microwave digestion… BLADE

This year, SciSPX - part of BRS is presenting CEM's latest new development at its booth, the BLADE. With it, CEM brings to the market a new generation of sample preparation for element analysis, distinguished by speed, simplicity, performance and flexibility. Speed: Completely clear destructions in just 5 minutes. In addition, destructions can be monitored in real-time by the built-in high-definition camera. Simplicity: The BLADE is the most user-friendly microwave digestion system on the market. Sample and acid are added to a quartz vessel and sealed with a snap-cap. The vessel is then placed in the autosampler and the sample is fully automatically...

Metrohm - A Global Reference in Ion Chromatography

Metrohm, a global reference for ion chromatography (IC) analyses, continues to lead the industry, 37 years after the launch of their first ion chromatograph. For users, a Metrohm IC is an indispensable instrument they can always rely on. Metrohm Belgium ensures this through their team of IC service engineers and specialists. This team guarantees swift support with a wealth of expertise. Because we care! Do you have questions about ion chromatography for your analyses? Then come visit us at our booth F17, where our IC specialists are ready to assist you. With Metrohm, you can count on reliable and expert support for...

Merck celebrates addition of New cGMP Oligonucleotide Manufacturing Suite

cGMP Oligonucleotide
On February 20, Merck inaugurated its first cGMP quality Oligonucleotides* (oligos) manufacturing suite in its Life Science Hub in St. Louis, Missouri (US). With 4,200 square feet, the new facility will allow the company – which has a long history of serving academic and industrial oligo customers since 1986 – to expand its offerings to diagnostic and clinical markets. Once fully-operational, it will bring a 7.5X capacity increase for the company’s cGMP oligo business this year. Oligos are a critical raw material commonly used in Covid-19 PCR tests, but they also are used in diagnostic kits for a number of applications such...

ANALIS Webinar: WaterKwaliteit binnen het lab

WaterKwaliteit binnen het lab NL Sessie - September 17,  11.00  Water wordt in praktisch ieder labo gebruikt. Het kiezen van de juiste waterkwaliteit is voor iedere toepassing is een kritische stap om tot betrouwbare resultaten te komen. GRATIS REGISTRATIE  Wat zullen jullie leren? In deze webinar gaan we in meer detail over de verschillende types labo water. We duiken onder andere dieper in de normering rond labowater, hoe deze geproduceerd worden en wat de typische toepassingen zijn. Voor wie is dit webinar bedoeld? Alle mensen die in een labo omgeving werken. Hebt u nog vragen ?  Aarzel dan niet om contact op te nemen met onze expert

Metrohm Belgium has recently also become a distributor for SY-LAB microbiology materials.

We mainly focus on the food industry and cosmetics, but other industries where sterility is desired are also not excluded.  If you already have a microbiological laboratory or would like to carry out microbiological tests in the future, be sure to come by and discover our new range.    You will find us at stand F17 

Hitma presents instrumentation for high-quality lab applications during Laborama 2024

Instrumentation specialists from Hitma will be present on Thursday, March 14th, and Friday, March 15th, at booth F25 during Laborama 2024. Visit the Hitma booth
Trade show visitors can turn to Hitma for measurement, control, testing, data recording, and building automation. This includes, among other things, measuring pressure (difference), temperature, humidity, level, flow, and air quality. During the Laborama trade show, Hitma focuses primarily on high-quality applications in laboratories, but visitors can also find solutions at the Hitma booth for operating rooms, cleanrooms, and laboratories. Special attention is given to the revamped line of indoor climate transmitters from Sauermann and the JRI My...

Working safely with cytotoxic materials

The Faster GloveFAST Cyto Pharma is a compact cytotoxic isolator that protects the operator, the product and the environment from contamination. The cabinet has internal negative pressure and downward laminar flow. It has gloves and two separate transfer hatches (in/out) whose inner and outer doors are operated by a foot switch. Read more More information? Contact us

Follow the workshop 'tiamo vs OMNIS' at Laborama 2024 – booth F17

Metrohm, the dedicated supplier of laboratory equipment, will also be present at Laborama this year – booth 17. On Thursday, March 14th at 1:30 PM, we will be hosting an engaging workshop at our booth titled 'tiamo vs OMNIS'. During this workshop, both software programs will be compared side by side, highlighting their strongest features. Interested in participating in this workshop? Simply register via: https://bit.ly/3wfYdjg For any other questions regarding titration or any of our other technologies, you are warmly invited to visit our booth. Our experts are ready to assist you. We look forward to welcoming you to Laborama 2024!

A Happy Customer !

Ipratech was proud to deliver a Cytosys machine to Somatek in early 2022. A few months later, the really positive feedback of Somatek is just heartwarming ! Read it below, and find it on our and Somatek’s LinkedIn page.

If you are working with biohazards, this news is made for you!

Experience the the Labculture® G4 Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet  Designed by our supplier ESCO, what are the main advantages of these devices? ✅ Intuitive, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand Centurion Touchscreen Controller ✅ Front tilting window for easy cleaning ✅ Frameless, shatterproof, and UV-absorbing tempered glass, ✅ Tray support beams and holder for less vibration and easy drain pan cleaning ✅ USB Port and Remote Modbus to access cabinet data log and BMS connectivity for users to securely access the cabinet remotely from external devices And many more... COME TO DISCOVER THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY ON OUR BOOTH ANALIS D11

Working in Research or development in the sector of bioprocessing ? Come and discover the Bioreactor HABITAT from our new supplier IKA.

Never shown before in the Benelux, you will have the chance to come and discover it on our stand during Laborama Expo. The HABITAT research series from IKA combines 111 years of experience in building laboratory equipment with the latest research. For users this means that everything is faster, safer and more diverse than ever before. HABITAT research is the smart laboratory bioreactor from IKA. As the first bioreactor with a lid stand, it ensures ergonomic working and a well-organized laboratory.
To operate HABITAT research, you only need a control unit package and a vessel package. For sensitive cell cultures such as mammalian cells,...

FOOD ANALYSER AND MultiCapillaryColumn-GC-Ion Mobility Spectrometer

Come and discover our foodanalyser for determination of organic acids, amino acids, Vitamins, mycotoxins, ergot-alkaloids, sugars, sweeteners, anti-oxidants and acryl amide in all your food and feed matrices with results 2 days after installation. The sytem comes with sample prep protocol, all reagents, a column, the analytical methods and our specialist who performs installation, starts up the sytem and trains the user on his samples. Discover and test our MCC-GC-IMS for determining the source of all your odour and flavour problems on our booth. The electronic noise at half the price.

Metrohm Belgium, trusted partner of Masterflex peristaltic pumps for over 25 years.

Metrohm Belgium has over 25 years of experience with Masterflex pumps. You can consult this experience and a small assortment during Laborama 2024 at booth F17. Metrohm Belgium's Masterflex pumps have proven their versatility through their application in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, chemicals, and the environment. These pumps offer a reliable and efficient solution for fluid transfer. Whether you are looking for a pump for specific needs or just want more information about the Masterflex range, we cordially invite you to visit us at booth F17. Our expert staff are ready to advise you.

A NEW SRC technology for microwave digestion - Taking productivity and performance to new heights

Milestone ultraWAVE 3 The new ultraWAVE 3 is the latest generation of SRC technology that further elevates the value of this technology for elemental analysis in terms of performance, time, workflow, and cost of ownership. Updated construction that includes several technology advances further enhances the well-proven benefits of the SRC technology.
The new features of ultraWAVE 3 merge with those already intrinsic in the technology, so that labs will experience higher performance, greater productivity, and more streamlined workflow, providing them with improved competitiveness and a lower cost of ownership.
Thanks to its superior digestion capabilities that result from its higher temperature and pressure features, ultraWAVE’s...

Nice and round! BIOFLOAT™ cell culture plates from SARSTEDT

A milestone for industry and research: The novel SARSTEDT cell culture plates with highly anti-adhesive BIOFLOAT™ coating are ideally suited for easy, reproducible cultivation of particularly uniform, round spheroids (3D cell cultures). The robust, ultra-thin BIOFLOAT™ polymer coating is not affected by washing and mechanical action by pipette tips. With the SARSTEDT cell culture plate, no centrifugation step is required after seeding the cells. This saves time and the cells are less stressed. With the BIOFLOAT™ cell culture plates from SARSTEDT, you can be successful in spheroid cultivation of "difficult" cell types such as primary hepatocytes. Test one now with no obligation!

Join us for the scientific session with Christophe Devos, Senior Scientist Applications GC Instrument Solutions at RIC.

Do you want to know more about elemental analysis with XRF?

XRF is a powerful analytical technique that provides both qualitative and quantitative information on a wide variety of sample types including solids, liquids, slurries, and loose powders. It can quantify elements from beryllium (Be) up to americium (Am) in concentrations from 100% down to sub-ppm levels. XRF is used many industries including cement, glass, mining, mineral beneficiation, iron, steel, and non-ferrous metals, petroleum and petrochemicals, polymers and related industries, forensics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, environmental, food, and cosmetics. Want to know more?  Visit us booth D1 at Laborama

Aeris 1Der Detector

Experience the future of detector technology with Aeris, featuring the groundbreaking 1Der detector. Achieve unparalleled energy resolution, comparable to larger, floor-standing units, without compromising on measurement quality. Bid farewell to background effects and welcome pristine data quality into your research. By eliminating background effects and suppressing kbeta radiation, the 1Der detector ensures superior performance. With automatic control of energy windows, optimizing detector settings for fluorescence-free, sharp data has never been easier. Dive deeper into the latest developments by watching our on-demand webinar hosted by our expert team: Click here for the free webinar! 

AERIS CEMENT - XRD Analysis in building materials

Unlock the full potential of your cement production with Aeris Cement from Malvern Panalytical!  This cutting-edge technology uses X-ray diffraction to provide precise phase identification and quantification in your clinker, supplementary cementitious materials, and final cement.  Why Aeris Cement?
- Predict process parameters to control final properties.
- Optimize cement and concrete performance.
- Enhance production efficiency and quality. Empower your cement industry with Aeris Cement. Explore more here!   

FORJ - The newest fusion solution of Malvern Panalytical

FORJ The world’s fastest, safest, and most accurate fusion instrument for sample preparation

FORJ™ enables an uninterrupted elemental analysis workflow. This faster, easier, and more accurate solution is ideal for XRF, ICP, and AA analysis – even under tough conditions. Enabling higher productivity and superior results, FORJ is suitable for full lab integration and remote connectivity – helping you optimize your analysis. Click Here for more information! 

Protect your samples 24 hours a day.

The Avic wireless monitoring and recording system can log various parameters, such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration or liquid level of the LN2 in your freezers, refrigerators, CO2 incubators and nitrogen vessels. In case of any deviations in measured values, you will receive an alarm via e-mail or SMS so that you can intervene quickly.

Discover the latest generation in viscosity measurement.

Measure easier and faster with the Anton Paar viscometers. The ViscoQC 100 is ideal for fast, accurate single-point measurements for quality control of liquids and semi-solids. The ViscoQC 300 offers multi-point measurement and data analysis tools for both QC and R&D applications.  Both devices feature automatic spindle and speed detection. Thanks to the magnetic coupling, changing spindles is child's play! With these innovative technologies, you avoid measurement errors, save time and reduce your costs.

Give Your Lab Equipment a New Life with LabMakelaar Benelux B.V.!


The food and feed analyser is a total solution for analysis of organic acids, amino acids, Vitamins, myco-toxins, ergot-alkaloïds, sugars, sweeteners, acrylamide and anti-oxidants. The food and feel analyser is not only an analytical instrument, but comes with a protocol for sample preparation, all needed reagents and vials, a column, a ready to use analytical method, installation, training and start-up on your own samples. With this total solution you are up and running in 2 working days.

Beckman Coulter launched the new DxI 9000 Immunoassay Analyzer

Reimagine what’s possible with the new DxI 9000 Immunoassay Analyzer to enhance precision and create time for you to focus what matters most. A new generation immunoassay analyzer: the BECKMAN COULTER DxI 9000 ZeroDaily maintenance Save time Improve Precision Operator tutorial guidance: user-friendly & Intuitive navigation Empower lab productivity The DxI 9000 analyzer has been designed to meet current laboratory expectations in terms of productivity, robustness and quality of results. Users will appreciate the analyzer's throughput (450 tests/h), the absence of daily maintenance (ZeroDaily maintenance), but also the PrecisionVision technology which guarantees the security of the analytical process for each sample and the SimpleSolve Onboard Guide which...

Thaw your cryovials intelligently

It is high time to stop uncontrolled thawing of cryovials (cryogenic vials) by immersion in a warm water bath, with the risk of contaminating samples. Furthermore, using a non-reproducible method to bring valuable cells out of their frozen state is unreasonable.  Thawstar provides the solution with controlled and reproducible defrosting. This system can be configured and customised to meet your specific needs. Discover the Thawstar thawing systems.

SEAL Discrete Analyzer

Protecting Your Lab's Results: The SEAL Analytical Sample Probe Washer.

Contamination and carryover are top concerns in environmental testing. That's why we've designed a unique sample probe washer for our discrete analyzers to ensure the highest level of cleaning for your lab's sample testing. Our probe washer prevents clinging droplets from falling into other sample cups, and cleans the sample probe whenever and wherever needed. It's just one of the many features we've implemented to prevent contamination and carryover and lower detection limits on our analyzers.

Contact us to learn more about how our solutions can help you...

We are hiring

For our established subsidiary in the Netherlands, we are currently looking for a Sales and Application Engineer. Your Main Responsibilities Taking responsibility for the sales of our instruments for particle size measurement in one of our 2 sales territories in BeNeLux Achieving sales targets, establishing and developing business relationships with current and potential customers Providing application expertise, technical support, product knowledge and advise to our customers in your sales territory   Your Qualifications A degree in engineering/science or a comparable level of education Professional experience of technical sales Professional skills, ambition, self-motivation, confidence and organisational skills Willingness to travel nationally and internationally, depending on the requirements of the job Fluent...

Innovations in Westerns and ELISAs: Simple Western Jess, your Automated Protein Quantification System with Mw Confirmation and Cross Reactivity Validation.

Fully Automated.                 Just load your samples, press start, and come back to analysed results. Low Sample Volume.           Use as little as 3 µL of starting material. Generate up to 8 data points with just 5 µL. High Sensitivity Multiplex.  With Jess, researchers get industry-leading sensitivity in chemiluminescence and fluorescence channels and the advantage of flexible multiplex analysis Fast Time to Results.           With a processing time of 3 hours for 25 samples or 96 samples overnight, Simple Western dramatically speeds up time to results compared to traditional Western blotting protocols. Reproducible and Quantitative. By eliminating the variability of traditional Western blotting protocols like the gel-to-membrane transfer, Simple Western assays are highly reproducible...

ISO 17025 Calibration specialists join forces

Laborama 2023 marks a new beginning for European Lab Services, joining forces with BAG-MacBen, our ISO 17025 sister-in-law. Take note of your surroundings when approaching booth D8 and D5, as the environment is being monitored to ensure optimal conditions. While BAG-MacBen are specialized in the calibration of compression machines, pressure tranducers, tensile testers and many instruments used to test building materials, you can rely on ELS to take care of any application within Life Science, hospitals or industrial laboratories.   All of this means that customers have access to a wide range of services, great intralab comparisons ensuring even greater precision, faster response...

Discover at Achrom booth G9 the ePREP fully automated sample preparation workstation in working !

e-Prep is designed for the Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry Laboratory. Able to automate µl to ml liquid aliquoting, filtering, liquid/liquid extraction and SPE direct into a sealed vial in any instrument autosampler rack. Operating offline allows a single ePrep to prepare samples for multiple analytical instruments. Key features : Complete automation, Flexibel configuration, Workflow and Configuration Depository, Rotating Foot, Analytical Syringes, Robotic syringe device, syringe wash station, Automated SPE, MICROSPE & FILTERING. Click here to open the brochure 

Discover at Achrom booth B27 the ePREP fully automated sample preparation workstation in working !

e-Prep is designed for the Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry Laboratory. Able to automate µl to ml liquid aliquoting, filtering, liquid/liquid extraction and SPE direct into a sealed vial in any instrument autosampler rack. Operating offline allows a single ePrep to prepare samples for multiple analytical instruments. Key features : Complete automation, Flexibel configuration, Workflow and Configuration Depository, Rotating Foot, Analytical Syringes, Robotic syringe device, syringe wash station, Automated SPE, MICROSPE & FILTERING. Click here to open the brochure   

Laboratory processes on autopilot?

At booth D10, Optimus Instruments will hand you the tools to take control... or let go. The LabBox is your entry into the digital laboratory: a flexible tool which connects to any sensor or device within your set-up. It provides monitoring, full control and automated test sequences, all via an interface you can freely design.  Suitable for every application, Benchtop, Batch or Continuous, it can easily be integrated in a fume cupboard or mounted to the plant. It has already become our favorite addition to our reactor systems and custom lab/pilot plants, and you will love it too - after seeing it in action...

Led Techno is proud to announce the distribution of the products of InnovaPrep.

Exciting news! Led Techno is proud to welcome the products of InnovaPrep in our assortment. As some of you may already know, InnovaPrep is a leading provider of innovative solutions for environmental sampling. Their cutting-edge technology is designed to rapidly collect and concentrate biological particles from air, fluids, and surfaces.

In addition to their automated concentration devices and air sampling tools for contamination monitoring, what sets InnovaPrep apart is their commitment to innovation. With 51 pending and awarded patents, their solutions enable the most advanced biological detection systems to realize their full potential, dramatically reducing time-to-result.
We are thrilled...

A flow reactor that suits your chemistry, not the other way around

Making its Belgian debut at Laborama: the AM-Technology ACR! The smallest of AMT's flow reactor offers an insight to a real alternative of production-scale batch manufacturing. 
Ideal for establishing and developing continuous processes prior to scale up, or when only limited quantities of material are available or required, this Agitated Cell Reactor consists of 10 distinct reactor cells in series, operating as ten CSTRs for plug flow performance. By enabling precise control over important reaction parameters, you improve the outcome of your reaction process whilts providing low capital costs, efficient energy use and low emissions. Isn't it time you treated your lab with...

Led techno is now distributing IDEXX Water products in BENELUX!

IDEXX is the global leader in water microbiology, providing tests that ensure the safety of drinking water and other water supplies for over two billion people in 100 countries around the world. Solutions such us Colilert-18, Enterolert DW, Legiolert or Pseudoalert, now available at Led techno

Labconsult appointed as exclusive distributor of Telstar biological safety cabinets and laminar flows.

Telstar is a well-known brand in the world of biological safety cabinets. Telstar also offers a complete range of working cabinets with laminar flow, with thousands of installations in leading laboratories in more than 100 countries worldwide. Labconsult sells and offers technical support on the full range! Many models are in stock in the production hall in Europe, so we can also respond to the demand for fast delivery times. More information? Contact us by e-mail (info@labconsult.be) or telephone (+32 2 743 39 90) or visit our stand D27 at Laborama!

How to automate, simplify and standardize your Flow Cytometry workflow ?

COME TO MEET OUR EXPERTS ON OUR BOOTH TO EXPLORE HOW TO INCREASE THE PROCESSIVITY OF FLOW CYTOMETRY High-throughput flow cytometry has become an integral part of drug discovery efforts with applications in phenotypic screening, ligand binding assays, monoclonal antibody screening and biomarker discovery. The integration of the multi-parametric Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX flow cytometer with the Beckman Coulter Biomek iSeries liquid handling workstation increases sample throughput allowing faster processing of high complexity assays.  EXPLORE MORE  

Ergonomic HDPE bottles for acids, bases, and solvents

REDEFINE LAB SAFETY WITH HDPE BOTTLES Innovative packaging design meets lab safety in our new “easy grip” 1 L high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle. Unlike conventional glass bottles that can break easily, this bottle offers a firm grip and full control. Ensure lab safety and simple handling of hazardous chemicals in the laboratory with our HDPE packaging, protecting against accidents and health risks.   Ergonomic grip and shape: For optimal handling and pouring Sharp thread lip: Specially formed for safe closure and drip-free pouring Special base geometry: Ensures high pressure stability and prevents bulging Low bottle weight: Unbreakable material for safe handling and cost-efficient transportation Smart labels: 2D barcode for fast and...

DataPhysics Instruments celebrates 25th anniversary

Since August 1997, DataPhysics Instruments has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing laboratory measuring devices for the characterisation of interfaces and surfaces. From the beginning, the focus has been on the development of innovative and modular measuring instruments as well as user-friendly software. This product philosophy will remain at the core of the company. The laboratory measuring device manufacturer DataPhysics Instruments turns 25. Nils Langer, managing director, says: “This birthday is an important milestone for DataPhysics Instruments, especially after the challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Over the past 25 years, we have expanded our product portfolio steadily. In our anniversary year...

The new DigiVol- The Digital Syringe with a brain on Achrom booth B27 ! Come and see

PROMOTION on  DigiVOL : The Analytical Syringe with a Brain. DigiVol is a high performance, handheld digital analytical syringe designed for aliquoting aqueous, organic & volatile liquids from 0.1ul to 5ml at pressure, with exceptional accuracy and precision. Applicaties for Direct to Mass Spec, Filtration, Routine dispensing, Dispensing Volatiles Organics, Sequence Micro Reactions, Standards Addition, Efficient Dilutions, Reaction/Kinetic studies, Derivatisation Reagent Addition, Hand-held Automated Delivery Biotechnology. Click here to open the brochure

ACHROM introduce the new Bioinert YMC-Accura Triart (U)HPLC Columns

Bioinert YMC-Accura Triart Columns
Robust bioinert (U)HPLC columns for high accuracy: YMC-Accura Triart (U)HPLC columns The recently introduced YMC-Accura Triart (U)HPLC columns allow superior reproducibility and highest accuracy. They are the ideal choice for analysis of: oligonucleotides, nucleotides peptides and proteins metal coordinating compounds.  
The unique coating is 130-320-fold thicker making it more durable than other similar hardware concepts. A long-term inertness against sensitive substances is ensured as can be seen in figure A (top area is bare steel for comparison).
Other coated columns can lose their inertness over time. This will again lead to adsorption of sensitive compounds on the uncovered metallic surfaces. Peak tailing, loss of recovery and sample carry over are typical results...