A NEW SRC technology for microwave digestion - Taking productivity and performance to new heights

Milestone ultraWAVE 3

The new ultraWAVE 3 is the latest generation of SRC technology that further elevates the value of this technology for elemental analysis in terms of performance, time, workflow, and cost of ownership.

Updated construction that includes several technology advances further enhances the well-proven benefits of the SRC technology.
The new features of ultraWAVE 3 merge with those already intrinsic in the technology, so that labs will experience higher performance, greater productivity, and more streamlined workflow, providing them with improved competitiveness and a lower cost of ownership.
Thanks to its superior digestion capabilities that result from its higher temperature and pressure features, ultraWAVE’s unique SRC technology provides greater digestion efficiency.
Several aspects of the system, such as reduced handling and cleaning and the ability to process any samples simultaneously, reduce turnaround time and increase lab efficiency.

ltraWAVE 3 is the superior solution for elemental analysis labs to handle their sample prep challenges.


  • Rugged construction.
    Designed with all wetted components made of PTFE-TFM, fully compatible with any acid mixture and ensuring minimal maintenance to lower the cost of ownership.

  • High-pressure lines.
    Made of acid-resistant stainless steel, the two pressure lines, one for inlet and one for outlet, ensure high safety and lower blanks.

  • Racks.
    Available with racks of 7, 20, 27 and 40 vials to provide even higher throughput than previous generations.

  • easyTEMP Temperature control.
    True contactless temperature sensor to directly control the digestion of the samples from the inside out, without reading delays.

  • Advanced heating technology.
    The noiseless water-cooled magnetron ensures higher heating efficiency along with superior working conditions.

  • User interface.
    Equipped with the most up-to-date features to bring all digestion information within easy reach of the operator.

Milestone’s new ultraWAVE 3 provides all the benefits of its revolutionary
predecessor while taking sample prep productivity and performance to the
next level. We have evolved our Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology
to further transcend traditional open- and closed- vessel microwave digestion,
while offering no batching, less operating time, and faster digestions.