Innovations in Westerns and ELISAs: Simple Western Jess, your Automated Protein Quantification System with Mw Confirmation and Cross Reactivity Validation.

Fully Automated.                 Just load your samples, press start, and come back to analysed results.

Low Sample Volume.           Use as little as 3 µL of starting material. Generate up to 8 data points with just 5 µL.

High Sensitivity Multiplex.  With Jess, researchers get industry-leading sensitivity in chemiluminescence and fluorescence channels and the advantage of flexible multiplex analysis

Fast Time to Results.           With a processing time of 3 hours for 25 samples or 96 samples overnight, Simple Western dramatically speeds up time to results compared to traditional Western blotting protocols.

Reproducible and Quantitative. By eliminating the variability of traditional Western blotting protocols like the gel-to-membrane transfer, Simple Western assays are highly reproducible and fully quantitative.

Researchers get accurate measurements of target proteins with Total Protein Assays and built-in Total Protein Normalisation.

Reduce costs.                      RePlex™ on Jess and Abby lowers the cost per result compared to traditional Western blotting protocols. With Simple Western, researchers save samples, reagents, wash buffer, time, and labour!

More Than Just a Western Blot Alternative. Featured in well over 1500 publications.