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Maximizing product safety and quality by combining molecular biology with Artificial Intelligence. Kreglinger, a specialized European distributor, has initiated a partnership with Taag Genetics. Established over two decades ago, TAAG Genetics has a deep-rooted history in the field of biotechnology. With operations across Latin America, the USA, and Europe, its global reach has facilitated widespread contributions to the food industry through molecular biology. Their experience primarily lies in the design, implementation, and operation of molecular biology kits tailored for diverse (mostly food) sectors. Within different industries, TAAG Genetics has dedicated several years to the development and application of advanced technologies. These endeavors have resulted in proprietary kits capable of detecting an extensive range of spoilage microorganisms in various types of samples (food, beverage, clinical, vets, etc.). At TAAG Genetics, the business model is not solely transactional. They believe in the power of partnership. More than just being a supplier, they envision themselves as an extension of their partners' Research & Development wing. This means that they often work closely with their partners, aligning their R&D objectives with theirs. The goal is not just to provide immediate solutions but also to anticipate future challenges, continuously updating methods and tools. This collaborative spirit is driven by a shared commitment to maximizing the safety and quality of its partners' products. TAAG Genetics can develop innovative, sophisticated, yet user-friendly molecular assays for the simultaneous detection of multiple microorganisms. The key technologies used in the custom-made kit developments are three proprietary groundbreaking technologies: • Mila: An AI-driven platform capable of identifying the best primer/probe set from millions of potential multiplex combinations, ensuring unparalleled assay precision. • DFS: A new technology that overcomes conventional PCR constraints, enabling the simultaneous detection of up to 10 targets within a single PCR reaction. This not only streamlines the process but significantly increases its detection capability. • TAAG Expert Assistant (TxA): A cutting-edge AI platform programmed to assist in the implementation of a dynamic, preventive, and forward-thinking microbiological management programs. By integrating these technologies, TAAG Genetics envisions its role as a dedicated microbiology ally. This collaboration aims to empower partners with powerful and precise molecular tests and analytical tools, reinforcing the quality and safety standards of their products.

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