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This is What Makes Different SEAL prides itself on designing, manufacturing and supporting the best analyzers, sample preparation and robotic equipment. For many of our thousands of customers around the globe this is no secret. But there are many other differences that make SEAL what it is, some of these well-known and others less so. We have identified what sets SEAL apart and what drives our business to deliver you safer, smarter and more dependable solutions. Experience SEAL has over 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing environmental and industrial automated analyzers. Strong Engineering Capabilities An ongoing commitment to building and maintaining strong internal engineering capabilities either through acquisition of key technologies or R&D internally. Inhouse Expertise The depth of knowledge and end-to-end quality control achieved with our in-house technical team of chemists, engineers and software programmers sets us apart from all others in the industry. Focused on Integrity and Trust We operate with the highest integrity and focus on building strong customer relationships; in many cases we have spent decades as a trusted supplier. This trust is built on listening, understanding and delivering the highest quality products and solutions. Just Environmental and Industrial Samples SEAL analyzers are widely acknowledged as the best-in-class and instrument of choice for monitoring nutrients in water and wastewater, seawater, soils and plant materials, as well as the quality control of industrial products, fertilizers and tobacco. Products that solve your problems Our product development always starts with you, our customer. Understanding and addressing the pain points in a modern laboratory not only drives our product development it also drives our business acquisition of industry leading, proven technologies. Understanding your needs means we’re developing products that are smaller, more automated, more reliable and better for the environment. Quality Emphasis We have invested heavily in ensuring our business and manufacturing processes meet or exceed quality standards. We are proud to have received external acknowledgement of our quality emphasis with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accreditation.