RIC Technologies

President Kennedypark 26
8500 Kortrijk
Phone: +32 494 51 68 72
Fax: +32-56-20 40 31


The Research Institute for Chromatography (R.I.C.) was founded in 1986 by Professor Pat Sandra. Ever since we have focused on developing, applying and promoting chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques. We offer analytical services and turn-key solutions to industrial clients, as well as to government and privately owned laboratories. Our mission is to share chromatographic and mass spectrometric knowledge and know-how through fundamental research, method development and validation, analyses, instrument development, training and consultancy. We offer total analytical solutions and after-sales service in a broad range of application areas, such as (bio)chemistry, biotechnology, petro chemistry, clinical chemistry, food, flavours and natural products, polymer sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, toxicology, forensics, environmental chemistry and life sciences.