Exhibition regulations for Laborama

These rules shall apply to any Laborama Expo trade show which is organized by Laborama. In 2019 Laborama Expo consists of one trade show of 2 days. Exhibitors can subscribe to this trade show; all prices listed are valid for 1 trade show and are VAT excluded.
1. Registration for participating at Laborama Expo is binding. By subscribing the exhibitors commit to respect the rules and regulations of the exhibitions as well as the every new directive that is adopted and implied in the interest of the exhibition
2. Participants at Laborama Expo commit themselves to only exhibit products and/or services that are directly linked and connected to the laboratory sector.
Both members and non-members of Laborama can register to participate at the trade fair Laborama Expo.
Non-members will only be admitted after a decision by the board of Laborama that the commercial activity of the exhibitor is sufficiently related to the laboratory sector.
Further, the organization is entitled to reject an exhibitors’ registration, if said exhibitor has no direct commercial activity or no office in Belgium.
3 Companies subscribe under their own name.  Only the company that subscribes will be considered an exhibitor by the organization.  Only this company will have access to the services mentioned in the rules and regulations.
The exhibitor is not allowed to sublet or share his booth or part of it to/with and 3rd party for whatever reason.
Should the exhibitor act in breach of this rule, the 3rd party will not have any claim to any service or rights.
4. Subscribing to Laborama Expo can solely be done through the subscription form that is available on the website expo.laborama.be
5. The organization reserves the right to reject or accept an application for participation at Laborama Expo at any time and for any reason.
6. Only 1 invoice, for the full amount of the booth reservation will be made. The invoice has to be paid on the due date and at the latest 2 weeks before the start of Laborama Expo. Should the amount due or part of it remain unpaid , the organization is entitled to cancel the participation, in which case the participant will be requested to pay damages equaling the amount that he owes according to article 10 of the present regulations. The organization is also entitled to allocate the booth to a different participant.
7. The fixed price for a standard booth of 12m² at Laborama Expo is:

  • For Laborama members: EUR 2.340,00 (VAT excl.)
  • For non-Laborama members: EUR 2.990,00 (VAT excl.)

Laborama-members are entitled to this important reduction, provided that:

  • they are a member of Laborama at the time of the reservation of their booth and have paid their membership fee for 2018
  • they remain a member of Laborama at least during the 12 months of 2019
  • they don’t have any payment pending towards Laborama (with the exception of an accepted dispute)

8. All prices indicated are 21% VAT excluded
As of January 1, 2011 a new VAT regulation is applied.
All foreign exhibitors (i.e.non-belgian VAT-numbers) now have to fulfil their VAT obligations in their own country, with the exception of catering for which the VAT has to be paid in Belgium.
9. Laborama accepts registrations until 5 weeks before the start of the event. After that date Laborama cannot guarantee reservations any more, nor provide all services (e.g. catalogue).
This rule also applies in case of unpaid invoices for booth reservations at 2 weeks before the event.
10. A participant who cancels his participation at Laborama Expo will have to pay the following fee to Laborama:

  • cancellation at more than 60 days prior to the start of the trade fair: 10% of the total amount due
  • cancellation between 60 to 30 days prior to the start of the trade fair: 30% of the total amount due
  • cancellation between 30 to 14 days prior to the start of the trade fair: 50% of the total amount due
  • cancellation less than 14 days prior to the start of the trade fair: 75% of the total amount due

Cancellation of the exhibition by the organizer for reasons of force majeure do not give rise to refund or the creation of a credit note by the organizer canceling any outstanding invoices from the exhibitor.
11. Each registration for participation at Laborama Expo will be confirmed or rejected within the 3 weeks following the date of receipt of the registration by the organization. In case of a rejection the organization is under no obligation to motivate its decision. In case the exhibitor did not receive an answer from the organization within 3 weeks after his application, the exhibitor should consider his registration as non-existent and enter a new registration.
12. A 12m² booth consists of:

  • white partitions,
  • aluminum frame,
  • with nameplate and booth number of the exhibitor (standard type of letters),
  • 3 spotlights

Both the floor and the alleys are carpeted.

The exhibitor can order a pantry for his booth at an additional price.
13. The minimum surface that exhibitors can reserve is 12m² (= 1 module). The maximum surface availably is 120m² (= 10 modules). Booths with a surface of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 96 or 120m² are available. No L-shaped booths will be allowed.

Exhibitors have the possibility to choose from different possibilities for lay-outs of booths:

  • linear positions of the modules (all booths one next to the other)
    this lay-out is available for booths of 12, 24, 36 and 48m²
  • the modules are in 1 block ( modules back to back without partitioning)
    this lay-out is available for booths of 48, 72, 96 and 120m²
  • the modules are in face to face mode.  The number of modules on both sides of the aisles is equal.  The modules are booked opposite one another.
    this lay-out is available for booths of 2 x 24, 2 x 36, 2 x 48 and 2 x 60m²

It is forbidden to use the dividing aisle as extra exhibit space. The sole function of the aisles is to allow the smooth passage of all visitors.

14. Theme Islands and dedicated zones
14.1 The organizer may decide to set up one or more theme Islands. These Theme Islands are specifically reserved for companies with a well-defined specialty. For 2018, 1 Theme Islands will be set up: 1 island, called #Novasquare will be reserved for companies that participate at Laborama Expo for the first time.
Exhibitors who choose to have a booth on this dedicated zone (#Novasquare) can opt to reserve a booth of 6m ². Per company, only 1 booth of 6m² can be reserved in this dedicated zone.
Other booth surfaces are not allowed in the dedicated zones, but can be reserved in the remaining exhibition area (called general zone).
The number of booths in the theme islands #Novasquare is limited to 6.  The booths will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
The price for reserving a booth in the dedicated zone is: € 1.700,00 (excl. VAT) for a booth of 6m²
Larger surfaces for booths can be reserved in the general zone as described in the rules and regulations of the trade fair.

14.2.De booths in the dedicated zones are composed of modules of 6m ². Each stand is equipped with partition walls, carpet tiles on the floor, nameplate and booth number of the exhibitor (standard type of letters), 2 spotlights and, a table, a high table and a stool. 
All other services included in the price for reservation will be offered as described in articles 17 & 23 of the rules and regulations of the trade fair.
In front of the booths a common space will be available.  This space will be dressed by the organizer and the exhibitors at the dedicated zone will have the opportunity to exhibit there a device/object that specifies or highlights their activity.  The device/object may have a maximum weight of 15kg and measure maximum 80cm x 80cm and 50cm high.

14.3. Reservation of stands in a Theme Island is subject to approval by the organization. Exhibitors must provide together with their subscription a description of their activities.
The number of booths in the dedicated zone #Novasquare is limited to 6.  The booths will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

15. The booths in the general zones are maximum 2.5 m high and are built as defined in Article 12. The exhibitor may decorate the interior of the booth, but decoration, exhibit material or other display items may not, in any way, be higher than the maximum height of the booth, or exceed the surface of the booth. As floor covering, the exhibitor is obliged to use the carpet that is provided by the organizer.
The structures supplied by the organizer may not be damaged, replaced or dismantled by the exhibitor. Exhibitors causing any damage or making alterations (unless described in art. 16) to the booth supplied to them by the organizer or to any other item placed in the exhibition hall by the organization will be charged for all necessary repairs which the organization needs to carry out.
Exhibitors are not allowed to fix hanging signs to the ceilings of the exhibition hall for whatever purpose.

16. Raised floors
The use of a raised floor in the stands is permitted for booths with a surface of 48m² or more.  The main function of a raised floor has to be to hide a surplus of electrical cabling thus increasing safety in the booth.
When using a raised floor in the stand the following rules have to be respected:

  • the organizer must be informed at least one month before the start of the event, that the exhibitor will install a raised floor in his booth;
  • the maximum height of the raised floor is 10cm, measured from the floor of the building to the top of the raised floor;
  • the sides should be closed and a neatly finished;
  • the floor may in no way exceed the surface of the booth;
  • at the top, the raised floor will be finished with the carpet tiles made available by the organizer. This means that the carpet tiles in all booths will be of an equal size and colour;
  • The maximum height of the booth (walls) including the raised floor is 2.5 m.

Exhibitors, who place a raised floor in their booth, are requested to take accessibility for all into account, ensuring that the step created by the raised floor is no obstacle in any way and for any person.

17. The flat-rate per module of 12m ² includes:

  • the rental of the surface,
  • the booth,
  • lighting (see Article 12),
  • invitations for the visitors,
  • promotional material (= stickers, posters and digital logo of Laborama),
  • presentation of the exhibitor’s company in the on-line catalogue, i.e. max 700 characters (including spaces, numbers,…) in 3 languages per module of 12m ²,
  • mentioning of the exhibitor’s name and booth number on the on-line exhibitors list.

The texts for the on-line catalogue, in the language(s) of your choice, can be sent to the organizer via the Laborama website www.laborama.be.

Responsibility for the information placed in the catalogue and on the website lies solely with the exhibitor. He is directly responsible for entering the correct address, text, selection of product categories; have his company logo put on the Laborama website ... Laborama can in no way be held liable for any errors, incorrect information, and omissions… of any kind that may be made in this context.

Laborama does not accept liability towards third parties if the exhibitors’ details are incorrect. Exhibitors must indemnify Laborama against any action should such cases occur.

The costs for an electricity connection are not included in the price. Every exhibitor is obligated to order an electricity connection from  Brussels Expo. The connection can be ordered at the Brussels Expo web shop to which the exhibitor has access via the exhibitor manual.

When ordering additional services and goods (including those in the exhibitor manual), the Exhibitor commits  to paying the associated costs to the relevant supplier.

18. A company can purchase advertising space in the on-line catalogue of Laborama Expo without participating at the exhibition at a cost of € 1.500, - (excluding VAT). This price applies to the trade show and not per year (assuming that in that year more than 1 trade show would be organized).
19. Only the board of Laborama decides in the setup of the trade fair, its location, size and dimension of the booths and the assignment of the latter.
Booths will be assigned based on the following criteria:

a. date of the exhibitor’s registration for Laborama Expo
b. reserved exhibit space
c. being a member or non-member of Laborama.
d. date of payment of the invoice for booth reservation

When registering, the exhibitor may indicate a preference for a location of his booth. However, the exhibitor’s information is purely indicative and implies no commitment from the organization in whatever way. The organization on its part does not have to motivate its decisions as to booth assignments. However, the organization will assign the booths to the best of its abilities, taking into account the indicated preference, the above mentioned criteria, the availability of space and the regulations as much as possible.
20. In case of simultaneous subscription (in terms of date and/or surface) of a member of Laborama and a non-member of Laborama, priority will be given to the allocation of the booth of the Laborama member.
21. Laborama reserves the right to make modifications to the floor plan and consequently the location of the booths as it deems necessary and useful for the exhibition, without the exhibitor having the right to claim any compensation.
If necessary, and with regard to optimization of the trade fair, the organization may reallocate an exhibitor’s booth. However, the reallocation of a booth may be executed only with the consent of the exhibitor to whom the booth was initially allocated.
22. Additional services can be ordered online through www.laborama.be. These orders can be placed directly with the suppliers featured in the technical file that is at the disposal of the exhibitor. Additional services will be invoiced to the exhibitor.

When ordering additional services and goods (including those in the exhibitor manual), the Exhibitor commits  to paying the associated costs to the relevant supplier.
23. Laborama offers the exhibitors a number of free extra services.
The following list is a non-exhaustive list of free services to the exhibitors:

  • insertion in the online catalogue and search engine on the Laborama Expo website
  • parking vouchers (2 per module of 12m² per day)
  • exhibitors networking drink
  • access to the wireless network available during the days of the trade fair
  • insertion of company’s name and booth number on the online floorplan
  • logo in the streamer on the Laborama Expo website
  • logo next to the company name in the exhibitors list on the website
  • daily cleaning of the booth and the aisles

These extra services can never be considered as acquired. The organizer has the right to change, add or cancel the number of free services offered. Exhibitors who do not take advantage of any or all of these services for whatever reason, are not eligible for any financial compensation
24. Set-up :
The afternoon before the start of the exhibition, exhibitors can set up their stands from 12h00 until 22h00. The day of the exhibition, they can finish the set up (decoration and small equipment only) between 07h00 and 09h00.

Access to the fenced domain of Brussels Expo with a vehicle is only possible on presentation of an admission ticket. These can be requested via the exhibitor manual.
25. Opening hours of the
March 14, 2019                                          
visitors:  from 09:30 to 16:30                     
exhibitors: from 07.00 am to 18.00           

March 15, 2019
visitors: from 09h30 to 16h30
exhibitors: from 08u30 to 21h00

Booths have to be staffed at all times during the opening hours for visitors.

Access to the exhibition hall by car is not possible during exhibition days.
26. Dismantling:
At the end of the 2nd day of the exhibition (15/03/2019) exhibitors have to empty their booths between 16h30 and 21h00.

Access to the fenced domain of Brussels Expo with a vehicle is only possible on presentation of an admission ticket. These can be requested via the exhibitor manual.
27. Early Removal of Exhibits:
No exhibit, equipment, product, documentation, poster… shall be packed, removed, or dismantled prior to the closing of Laborama Expo (Friday 15/3/2019 at 16h00) without written permission of the organization. The exhibitor has to ask the organization for this exceptional permission in writing.
28. The organizer will apply the names and the booth numbers of the exhibitors on their booths. Exhibitors are not allowed to affix any name, publicity or logo on the existing nameplates or anywhere outside of the booth, including the friezes. It is also forbidden to make any kind of publicity in the aisles or any other common spaces of the exhibition (including the entrance and on the parking lot).
Infringements to this rule are cause for the immediate removal of improperly affixed names, logos…
29. Exhibitors are not allowed to distribute price lists, catalogues, flyers… outside of their own booth. The only exception is made for the racks that are placed by the organizer at several points in the exhibition. In these racks, the exhibitors can place printed brochures or leaflets. These brochures/leaflets must relate to the products and/or equipment the exhibitor represents.
Infringements to this rule are cause for the immediate removal of the improperly distributed price lists, catalogues, brochures/leaflets….
30. The organizer (Laborama) provides insurance for the equipment used to build the booths.
The exhibitors are responsible for having their own equipment insured.
Laborama endorses an insurance policy, which covers the civil liability of the organizers against third parties.
The exhibitor is responsible for and is obliged to be insured against all damages of any kind that may be caused by any action of negligence by himself, his staff, persons who work for him in any way whatsoever or are under his instructions.
The exhibitors waive all claims against the organizer, the owners or tenants of the buildings, for any damage caused to the exhibited material, the stand construction, etc. for any reason.
The organizer is in no way to be held liable for any theft, damage, fire, etc. to displayed material or any other equipment that is present in the exhibition halls.
In order to avoid theft to a maximum, the organizer asks to avoid leaving any valuable items on display and / or easily accessible places.

31. Electricity
31.1.The electricity connection is not included in the price for the stand. Every exhibitor is obligated to order his own electrical connection for his stand according to the needed. The connection can be ordered at the Brussels Expo web shop to which the exhibitor has access via the exhibitor manual. This electric power should also include the standard lighting in the stand, which consumes ± 100 watts per reserved area of 12m².

The exhibitor takes this into account when calculating the total electrical power he needs in his booth.

Only the electrician appointed by the organizer has the right to make the connections from the booths to the electricity grid.

The exhibitor will be required to specify and order any and all additional power supplies he may need in advance by using the adequate order form in the trade fair manual.

The organizer is only obliged to deliver the electrical power that is technically available and feasible in the exhibition hall. The non-availability of a particular electrical supply will not give rise to any compensation or refund to the exhibitor, even if out of unawareness or ignorance, the supply was at first granted by the organization. 

31.2. Any electricity shortage or interruption resulting from having ordered too little electrical power beforehand will be recovered from the exhibitor in question.
32. In case an exhibitor acts against or in breach with the regulations, the manual or is in breach of any other agreement or instruction; the organization will have the right to close down the electricity supply to the exhibitor’s booth, without further notice until settlement of the problem.

33. Catering is made available to the exhibitors in dedicated areas. Exhibitors have access to this area during opening hours of the exhibition.
Exhibitors can pay their consumptions in the catering area in cash, by master bankcard or visa.
34. A database with the addresses of the visitors to the trade show will be made available after the trade show. This database is only available to exhibitors who actually participated at the latest edition of Laborama Expo.
Laborama has the right to make this database available to exhibitors against payment.
The database will only be transferred to the exhibitors who ordered it, after payment of the invoice.
35. In all cases that are not covered by these rules and regulations, the organizer will decide.

36. The exhibitors shall comply strictly with the stipulations of the regulations of Laborama Expo or with any supplementary provisions.
Only the Dutch and the French versions of these regulations are binding on the parties.
The present version of the regulations is a translation and as such shall not be binding on the parties.
In the event of any dispute concerning the validity, content and/or interpretation of these regulations or of the conditions of the application form, Belgian law shall apply exclusively. Any and all disputes concerning the validity, content and/or interpretations of this regulation shall be referred only to the courts of Brussels.