Fees for participation

Who can participate at Laborama Expo?

Registration as an exhibitor to participate at Laborama 2019 is open to members of Laborama and to all suppliers and manufacturers active in the broad laboratory sector.
Both companies establisehd in Belgium as abroad can participate at the trade fair Laborama, provided they have commercial activities in Belgium and are active in the market.

Exhibitors can only subscribe online through this website.

For more detailed info, we refer to the regulations for Participation


Hereafter, you wil find the rates and booth areas for Laborama 2019.
The minimum surface you can book is 12m².
The maximum surface you can book is 120m².

Rates for individual booths:

Booth AreaMembers of Laborama (*)Non-members of Laborama
12 m²€ 2.340,-€ 2.990,-
24 m²€ 4.680,-€ 5.980,-
36 m²€ 7.020,-€ 8.970,-
48 m²€ 9.360,-€ 11.960,-
60 m²€ 11.700,-€ 14.950,-
72 m²€ 14.040,-€ 17.940,-
96 m²€ 18.720,-€ 23.920,-
120 m²€ 23.400,-€ 29.900,-

(*) applicable for companies that are member of Laborama, have paid their membership fee for the year 2018 and will remain member of Laborama throughout 2019. Visit http://fed.laborama.be/  for more information on the Laborama membership.

Nova Square

The price for a booth on the Nova Square is €1.700,- (excl. VAT) (furniture included).

Option: storage in standard booth:

Pantries  can be ordered separately. The price for a pantry with door (+ lock) is € 90,00
Other sizes for the pantries can be provided upon request. Per extra m² an extra € 90,00 will be charged.

All prices mentioned on this page are exclusive of VAT.