ISO 17025 Calibration specialists join forces

Geplaatst door: European Lab Services

Laborama 2023 marks a new beginning for European Lab Services, joining forces with BAG-MacBen, our ISO 17025 sister-in-law. Take note of your surroundings when approaching booth D8 and D5, as the environment is being monitored to ensure optimal conditions.

While BAG-MacBen are specialized in the calibration of compression machines, pressure tranducers, tensile testers and many instruments used to test building materials, you can rely on ELS to take care of any application within Life Science, hospitals or industrial laboratories.


All of this means that customers have access to a wide range of services, great intralab comparisons ensuring even greater precision, faster response times and a unified quality system.


Pay us a visit and learn what it takes to trust your results thanks to the ISO 17025 accreditation.