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The Agilent Technologies Life Science and Chemical Analysis group is an important supplier of instruments for identification, kwantification, analyses and testing of chemical, biological, mocular and psysical characteristics of thousands components and products.Agilent is specialized in GC and GC/MS, LC and LC/MS, ICP-MS,CE and CE/MS, DNA-,RNA- and proteinanalyses,gene expression applications, data systems and consumables. The products are developed and produces in own factories. This package is after the take over of Varian further exptended with molecular spectroscopy instruments as UV-VIS and FTIR and the anorganic techniques ICP-OES and AAS.Becuase of this we offer today a broad scale ofcompatible instruments,consumables and software for chemical analytical research in every application: from life sciences to food and the environment for petrochemicals. Because life, productivity and quality of the tools and software are critical to its customers, Agilent also offers a customizable and efficient support organization except the Agilent instruments also can repair tools from other vendors and maintain. More information is to be found at our website :

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