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XILTRIX. PROTECTING YOUR SCIENCE - 24-HOURS A DAY, 7-DAYS A WEEK XILTRIX HAS BECOME THE INDUSTRY STANDARD IN PROVIDING DATA ACQUISITION, ANALYSIS, REPORTING, SERVICES AND DOCUMENTATION FOR LABORATORY ENVIRONMENTS FOR COMPLIANCE AND VALIDATION WORLDWIDEXiltriX is a professional service which provides its partners with the tools to acquire complex laboratory data relating to processes and critical ambient conditions in real-time 24 hours a day. These processes and conditions are compared against strict preset limits which are put in place to protect your scientific samples and results. The XiltriX service consists of a HARDWARE component, SENSOR component and SERVICES component. The service only works correctly if all of its parts are installed and fine-tuned correctly. If any of the sensor connected detects a deviation, an ALARM will be sent to the correct person immediately to take corrective measures and the XiltriX solution can analyse the DATA REPORTS in order to identify the anomalies. On the basis of the acquired data, the XiltriX team can complete rigorous process analyses. XiltriX is the solution for every quality system as it meets the highest worldwide standards such as: FDA 21 CFR part 11 GMP, GLP, GDP (GxP – GAMP5) EU GMP Annex 1 update 2008 CCKL (RvA – ISO-17025) AAAALAC AABB CAP HACCP JCI (Joint Commission International) USP797 XiltriX supports its partners at every stage in the laboratory data management process whether it be data acquisition, analysis and reporting to the creation of documentation for compliance and VALIDATION purposes.

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