Westburg BV

Arnhemseweg 87
3832 GK Leusden
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Westburg Life Science Products Supplier Westburg is an established distributor of products and services for the life sciences in the Benelux countries for over 40 years. Since 1979 we have built great relationships with thousands of scientists in academic hospitals, biotech companies, service providers, and institutes. Researchers or those involved in the purchase infrastructure can rely on our expertise and service for their everyday work. Our Customers Researchers are our true heroes, and every hero needs a sidekick. This is where we come in. With the right support, researchers can carry out those long-desired innovative experiments to excel as a researcher even more than they already do. They should not face today’s experimental complexity alone. Teaming up with Westburg, devoted to understanding, anticipating, and exceeding their need, brings scientific insights faster. We have a mission beyond taking care of your orders, payments, returns, and deliveries. We want to understand your needs and offer tailored solutions to unburden you from the worries of ordering and when using our products. Our care services When you have an application-related question or need help troubleshooting an issue that arises during the use of our products, our scientific support sidekicks are ready to assist you. For system meltdowns, service or repair, reach out to your maintenance & repair sidekick. If you want to put us to the test, our account managers are happy to accept the challenge! We support you with the following services: - Scientific support - Maintenance and repair - Online Support chat

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