Axel Semrau GmbH

Stefansbecke 42
45549 Sprockhoevel
Phone: +49 2339 12090
Fax: +49-2339-60 30


For more than 40 years Axel Semrau has stood for sample preparation and chromatography. With this wealth of experience, new developments have been created under the CHRONECT brand since 2010. The own hardware and software or those of well-known manufacturers become entire workstations for efficient automation of complete laboratory processes. Sam-ple preparation can stand alone or can be combined directly with analytical instruments. These CHRONECT workstations are based on specialist knowledge in the fields of food, cosmetics, environment, air and water. The control, from weighing to the result, is carried out completely via the CHRONOS master software. CHRONOS is the master of time, which interleaves work processes in a time-efficient manner. This has led to many reliable solutions for the routine, since the focus is al-ways on the daily work routine: precision, time savings and convenience for laboratory per-sonnel are in the foreground. All workstations are first pre-installed and tested in the company's own laboratory (Factory Acceptance Test). The system is not shipped until this has been completed. The test is re-peated in the customer lab (Site Acceptance Test). This shortens the installation time at cus-tomer's site and the device is immediately ready for use. With this concept, the company is enjoying worldwide success. Therefore, it can be proudly said: "We sense good chemistry!" As "Part of the Trajan Family", the company has been continuing on this path since November 2021 in order to exploit synergies both nationally and internationally.

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