Cryo Solutions B.V

Hambakenwetering 17
5231 DD 's-Hertogenbosch
Phone: +31-73-620 54 50
Fax: +31-73-620 54 55


Cryo Solutions B.V. is your independent partner for cryogenic equipment and services in the field of technology, gasses, maintenance, safety and logistics. Our main goal is a high standard of full service and support (24 hours, 365 days per year) for the client in their Cryogenics.

The people behind Cryo Solutions B.V. have many years of experience in solving Cryogenic issues for their clients, independent of their gas supplier. We can supply many brands and types of cryogenic equipment, such as high and low pressure tanks, biological storage vessels, storage systems in stainless steel or aluminium, disposables, vacum insulated piping and cryobanking.

Cryo Solutions can also supply you with project management, logistics for samples as well as gasses, round the clock service/maintenance and last but not least external cryobanking (back-up storage).
Cryo Solutions B.V. works with well known brands such as Chart/MVE, Ferrox Eurocyl, Taylor-Wharton/Harsco, Cryologic, CryoAnlagenbau and Planer PLC.
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