Potteau NV

Zuidstraat 30
8501 Heule
Phone: +32 56 36 33 33
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POTTEAU is a leading company in the world of laboratory furnishings and provides high-quality fume cupboards and laboratory furniture. POTTEAU is certified with the ISO 9001:2015 for its quality management system and VCA**2017/6.0 certificate for the safety which applies to the design, production and delivery, installation and connection of laboratory furniture. Our goal is to manufacture, supply and install products that meet customer needs, taking into account the health, safety and the environment. Thanks to our extensive experience in multiple countries and in a vast industrial area, we have a large range of standardized products, which over the years have been tested to be suitable for every application. Since all parts are manufactured in house we can also offer customized solutions to meet the client’s individual needs. All our products can be delivered with fully integrated electrical and mechanical services. POTTEAU supports the entire project from design to installation. In mutual agreement with the client, the architect and the expert, we obtain products that reach to the latest standards. These include outstanding designs, meticulous techniques and solid constructions in modular styles. They are extremely flexible, all-round and based on ergonomic principles. Strict quality controls are carried out at the time of each design-, production- and installation phase. All production aspects are checked. Our maintenance services include maintenance and services in order to ensure the proper and safe operation.