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AnalytiChem was formed in 2021, and is in the meantime a global family of companies (incl. Chem-Lab and BioTrading) providing quality control products and services. These include both off the shelf and customizable chemicals, high-quality standards, certified reference materials, laboratory and analytical equipment. providing the highest-quality products in our segments of Life Science, Environmental, Materials and Lab Essentials to laboratories around the world, To learn more about our group please visit our website at Chem-Lab specialises in the production and supply of high-quality chemicals, standards and certified reference materials. We help our customers by providing a fast and personal service, offering both off-the-shelf and customised solutions ranging in volume from 1 mL to several tons. Tailor-made packaging can be provided to suit specifications and requirements. We manufacture custom made solvents, acid mixtures, buffer solutions, organic and inorganic standards. The solutions are produced in the ISO17025 and ISO17034 certified laboratory & production facility and delivered with the necessary certification and support In addition we supply a wide range of laboratory consumables and equipment as a partner of LLG Biotrading Benelux B.V. is a manufacturer of custom-made Ready Prepared Culture Media and Animal Blood Products. Custom specialized media are produced to order in both small or large batch volumes, to a preferred recipe, bottle or tube size, and volume. Current batches range in size from small quantities of 10 units, to batch sizes of over 25.000. Biotrading aims to achieve the highest degree of product quality, ensuring that processes and services are continuously improved and are also in line with international standards, FDA/cGMP/GLP guidelines and customer requirements.

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