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Skalar is specialized in the automation of analysis for the laboratory and industry.

The BluVision is a new technology advance generation of discrete analyzers for automating wet-chemistry parameters. This truly walk-away analyzer provides ease of use, fast sample handling and low detection limits for all parameters.

SAN++ Analyzer – for the automation of NH3, NO2, NO3, Phenol, Cyanide, Total N, Total P, SO4, Cl, F, MBAS and many more in water, soil and plant, food, beer and wine, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals , … Total P and Total N trough online UV-destruction without manual pretreatment.

TOC/TN Analyzers for solids and liquids.

Robotic Analyzers for the automation of BOD, COD (classic method and sealed tubes), Clay fraction, pH, conductivity, titrations, sample pretreatment, … Especially for drinking water, Skalar has developed an application which analyses oxygen, pH, conductivity, carbonate/bicarbonate and turbidity for each sample sample.

Online analyzers for continuous or batch measurement of process-, wastewater, …

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