Avenue Joseph Wybran 45b
1070 Bruxelles
Phone: +32-2-520 11 50


STERITEC is since more than 30 years specialized in the development and commercialization of washing, sterilization and decontamination equipment offering integrated solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, healthcare and laboratories. The basic features of the company are Service and Technical Support with highly qualified personnel and an extended technical department. STERITEC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. For the BENELUX, STERITEC is your representative of : FEDEGARI AUTOCLAVI SPA : industrial sterilizers, low and high temperature decontamination systems / FEDEGARI SUISSE SA : laboratory sterilizers / OLSA: Pharmaceutical Process Equipment / On the BELGIAN market, STERITEC is your representative of STILMAS : purified water systems, pure steam generators, WFI distillation plants.

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