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9810 Nazareth
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Benelux Scientific, your partner for laboratory equipment.

Benelux Scientific provides equipment and technical support to industrial and academic laboratories in Belgium and Luxembourg. Since its foundation in 2001, Benelux Scientific distributes laboratory equipment from a specific number of reliable suppliers. In our product offering we focus on sample preparation, analytical instrumentation, microscopy and electron microscopy, materials characterization and thermal analysis.

Our dedicated team is committed to your lab projects. We listen to your needs and work together to find the best solution within our high quality product range. Expertise, innovation and service are at the heart of everything we do for you. You don't just buy a laboratory instrument. We make it a point to help you as best we can and assist you with training, maintenance and technical support.

Benelux Scientific is a leading distributor company for laboratory equipment in the Benelux territory:

- Microscopy (SEM and digital microscopes)

- Handheld NIR, Raman, XRF analysis devices

- Food and feed analysis (Kjeldahl, Soxhlet, Dumas, fibers)

- CS/ONH analysis

- Spark-OES

- Metallographic sample preparation

- Digestion blocks and microwave digestion systems

- Automated sample preparation for ICP

- High pressure reactors

- Thermal analysis

- Grinding mills, sieve equipment, lab balances, shakers

- Micro-XRF and TXRF

- Tensile- and compression testers

- Heated plate presses

- Test equipment for paper and corrugated board

- Permeability testers

- Extruders and mixers for polymers and rubbers

- Food rheology, processing & extrusion

- Colour analysis

- Temperature and climate simulation cabinets

- Steel preparation composite materials

- Viscosity measurement and rheology

- Reagents, standards and consumables for ICP, AAS, IC and XRF

- Particle size and shape analysis, Zeta potential

- Contact angle measurement

- TD-NMR analysis

Visit our booth A5 at Laborama for a one-on-one product demonstration and support for your specific laboratory needs.

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