Sysmex Belgium N.V.

Brusselse steenweg 135A b3
1310 Terhulpen
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Since 2009, Sysmex Nederland and Sysmex Belgium are part of the international Sysmex organisation, with headquarters in Kobe, Japan. Under the former Goffin Meyvis name, the Benelux organisation has a long history as supplier of hightech analytical systems for laboratory use.
While the Sysmex product line is focussed mainly on haematology and urinalysis, several other reputable manufacturers are represented exclusively by us in the Benelux area.

Our product lines meet high standards. Dedication and focus is achieved in a Business Unit structure. We value our partners in business and this is reflected in the long relationships we have with our suppliers. Professionalism is the keyword, technically and commercially. Sysmex is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Sysmex Nederland and Sysmex Belgium specialise in the distribution of High-Tech and Medium-Tech analytical equipment. With sales offices in the Netherlands and Belgium and a centrally located warehouse, the Benelux area is be efficiently served.  Our markets are:

  • Medical laboratories
  • University-, government- and industrial research labs
  • Industrial in-line and off-line process analysis
  • Environmental control

With 145 dedicated people, we aim to offer our customers reliability and performance; analytically, logistically as well as organisationally.

‘Here is a short selection of some of the techniques Sysmex can provide: GPC, SEC, ITC, DSC, Laser Diffraction, DLS , Morphology, Nano Particle Tracking, Dissolution, XRF, ICP, Ark Spark OES, Flow cytometry, On/In-line Particle Size Distribution and Zeta Potential…

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