Lab Services BV

Nikkelstraat 5
4823AE Breda
Phone: +31-76-531 04 20
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Lab Services BV: Since 1992, Lab Services has been integrating and developing innovative systems to automate standardized processes in laboratories. For this integration we are brand independent and we use our own software, PlateButler! Herewith we provide a unique and advanced solution for laboratory automation. Together with our customers we look for the best possible solution that fits the client's application! We provide the tools to make every day work easier, more flexible and user-friendly, with high quality, accuracy and service being of great importance. And this on both national and international level. Lab Services is besides being an integrator of complete modular platforms and ultra-high throughput systems also a supplier of a wide range of innovative tools such as pipettes, liquid handlers, sealers and sample management equipment.