Anaspec Solutions BV

Coenecoop 3C5
2741 PG Waddinxveen
Phone: +31-182 30 40 05
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Anaspec Solutions is a first-class supplier, with an emphasis on customer-oriented applications. Flexibility, application support and service are of paramount importance here. We supply primary and wet chemical techniques such as Kjeldahl, Soxhlet, T Wisselmann and Randall extraction from Behr-Labor Technik. Also FT-NIR laboratory and process analysis techniques for the food, dairy and chemical industry. Think of rapid analyzes in butter, milk, cheese spread and oils and fats and hydroxyl numbers in chemical processes. For feasibility studies, a complete modern laboratory has been set up to perform FT-NIR and NMR analyses. With Fine Instruments, a high-quality manufacturer has been attracted, whereby benchtop NMR is ideally suited for determining oil contents in raw materials such as seeds, nuts and grains and for (end) products of snacks and animal feeds, among other things. For non-food applications, NMR is used for analyzing, for example, the oil content of wax, measuring additives to textile fibers, determining the hydrogen content of fuels and the fluoride content of toothpaste. High resolution is now possible in your own lab and without the use of cryogenic media. The Magritek Spinsolve is available in 43MHz, 60MHz and 80MHz and with different nuclei, with standard 1H, 13C and 19F. You can find us during Laborama 2024 stand E5. If you missed us and you still have questions, please email us at or call 0182-304005.

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