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BRS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier of high end laboratory equipment for the Analytical, Process and Organic Synthesis markets. Thanks to a personal approach, our specialized sales and support team of BRS doesn’t settle for anything less than finding the best solution for your lab. All along the way, we guarantee the continuity of the activities of our customers. Our service team is being trained regularly by our suppliers and offers a wide range of services: maintenances, repairs, trainings, validations and qualifications (IQOQ).
Discover the BRS range of high end brands:
Analytical: CEM | Seal | Schmidt&Haensch | Mantech | TSHR-SFT, Elementar, Analab
Process: CEM | Astell | ISCO pumps | Labconco |UltraCool, Snijders | TSI
Organic Synthesis: CEM | Dolomite | SYRRIS Batch & Flow | Teledyne ISCO FLASH Prep LC | Thales Nano

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