Novolab NV

Diebeke 7
9500 Geraardsbergen
Phone: +32-54-42 15 80
Fax: +32-54-42 17 25


NOVOLAB is mainly associated with the distribution of lab disposables (plastics, glass, paper). Recently, we have also specialised in liquid handling, laboratory equipment, applications in microbiology and, especially, filtration. Our most important brands: PRO-LAB: Microbank products, latex agglutination testkits, anti-serums for salmonella,.. BRAND: liquid handling, volumetric high precision glassware,... WHATMAN: filtration and separation products. SHIELD SCIENTIFIC: new generation of disposable gloves. KIMBERLY-CLARK: gloves, hygiene paper,... PLASTIQUES GOSSELIN: plastic disposables ROMED: security clothing, gloves, syringes and needles, alcohol swabs,... BIOSAN: small equipment (magnetic agitator, “rocker” agitator, water baths and dry-blocks,...) SORENSON: PCR disposables (filtertips, microtubes, deepwell plates,...) KIMA: plastic disposables LP ITALIANA: plastic disposables FINNPIPETTE: liquid handling; SPL: disposables for cellular and tissue culture SIMPORT: PCR disposables, cryoware, storing systems BIOHIT: liquid handling AHN: liquid handling, PCR disposables COPAN: transporting swabs, plastic disposables SOCOREX: liquid handling DELTALAB: plastic disposables KNITTEL: slides and cover glasses.

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