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Anaspec Solutions is a first class supplier of analytical instrumentation with a focus on service and customer oriented applications. We offer a comprehensive product range for the whole industry. Continuous-flow and discrete auto analysis for all analytical parameters in both the effluent, influent, food and soil applications. Dedicated high quality FT-NIR solutions for the food, (petro)-chemical and laboratoria. For wet chemical instrumentation we offer Soxhlet, Kjeldahl, Randall and Twisselmann extraction. Flexible in its approach as behr Labor- Techik is producing already for 60 years according all standards and fits perfect in the way Anaspec Solutions is working.

With the presence of bench top NMR, we offer a wide range of analyses for spin-finish, fluoride in toothpaste, solid fat content, fat in food, oil in seeds and many other applications. With Magritek we have high resolution benchtop NMR systems for the laboratory and now you can perform high quality NMR in your own laboratory. With the Spinsolve series we can offer 43 MHz, 60 MHz and 80 MHz and with different nuclei possibilities as standard we offer 1H, 19F and 13C. Our modern laboratory is equipped with FT-NIR, NMR and particle size instrumentation for experiments.

Particle size characterization is also a great part of the analytical instrumentation from Anaspec Solutions and includes particle size and charge and both phenomenons are two of the most important characteristics of colloidal, suspensions and solutions including nanoparticles, proteins and polymers. Brookhaven instruments is very well-known in the academic market as it shows high scientific value.

When shape and size are in the micron range than the use of laser obscuration has its dual goal.
Manufactured by Ambivalue, the Eyetech brings size, shape and concentration data together to form a comprehensive blue print of your particle system.

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