Brs Biological Equipment

Salmitie 3
02430 Masala
Telefoon: +8618621530680


BRS Biotech is an international company with headquarters in Finland. We make affordable and reliable equipment for biotech, pharma, food industries. We use simple architecture and sound technological solutions with main components supplied by industry leaders. We strive for easy and trouble-free setup, maintenance and operation. We offer a wide range of equipment for biotechnological, food and pharmaceutical industries: lab fermentors with 1-30 l total volumes, pilot fermentors with volumes ranging from 5 to 80 l, industrial fermentors and bioreactors with volumes from 100 l to 5000 l and up to 60000 l, photobioreactors, solid-phase fermentors, high-speed tubular centrifuges of different capacity, CIP systems. We provide engineering solutions for upstream and downstream processes in biotechnological plants. Our engineering team develops customized technical solutions for bioreactors, media & buffer preparation vessels, CIP and distribution systems, mobile tanks and formulation vessels. We follow and adhere to the guidelines as set forth for cGMP and GAMP where requested.

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