Zematra BV

Steenspil 28
4661 TZ Halsteren
Téléphone: +31 164 687 77 70
Fax: +31-164-68 05 12


Zematra is a supplier of analytical laboratory equipment for the determination of physical properties of (petro)chemical products, food products and paint products. We are specialists in the supply of equipment according to international norms like ASTM, IP, DIN, ISO and NEN. Our scope of supply consist of flashpoint testers, penetrometers, oxidation equipment, reference/calibration products, viscometers, cryostats, circulators, X-ray analysers, general lab equipments, consumables and much more. We also supply TOC equipment for use in the environmental and petrochemical industry. Besides all this we have a wide assortment general lab equipment like stirrers, evaporators, balances etc. and we have a full line of Condition Monitoring equipment for use in Industry and marine.

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