Release of Ion Chromatograph HIC-ESP with New Anion Suppressor ICDS-40A

Geplaatst door: Shimadzu Benelux

Shimadzu is pleased to inform you about the European release of the HIC-ESP, an anion analysis ion chromatograph equipped with the new anion suppressor ICDS-40A.

The HIC-ESP for anion analysis is equipped with a new suppressor and employs the slim column oven CTO-40S, contributing to the effective use of laboratory space with a compact installation width.

 The ICDS-40A is an electrodialysis-type anion suppressor using an ion-exchange membrane. The continuous regeneration system eliminates the need to switch between analysis and regeneration processes, contributes to shortening the analysis cycle time and provides a simple system configuration.

Key features

  • Newly designed suppressor for anion analysis with highly effective ion-exchange performance 

    The ICDS-40A replaces sodium ions in the eluent with hydrogen ions with high efficiency using hydrogen ions obtained by electrolyzing water. This reduces the electrical conductivity of the eluent at the time of detection, enabling the analysis of anions with high sensitivity.
  • Smaller peak dispersion

    The ICDS-40A has a small volume and can detect each ion with high sensitivity.

    Also, the water dip is small, so it is possible to accurately measure fluorine peaks that elute early in a chromatogram.
  • Small footprint

    The HIC-ESP ion chromatography system combines with the Nexera slim oven CTO-40S for a compact installation width of 420 mm. wich enables a space-saving installation.


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