CREPIM testomonial

Geplaatst door: BASSETTI

CREPIM is a European laboratory for the development and validation of materials for the sectors concerned by fire safety. Located in the heart of Europe, CREPIM develops, tests and certifies fire-resistant formulations for companies working in the mass transport (rail, aviation and naval), construction, electricity, and textile sectors. CREPIM thus provides companies with all the means to validate their materials so that they meet European fire safety requirements for all application sectors. The success factor of this laboratory comes from the expertise of the team, all chemists, allowing a real added value in the interpretation of the results which guarantees their reliability for customers.


In this respect, considering the criticality of the activity planning and relying on the technicality of its engineering teams, BASSETTI has provided its solution: TEEXMA. This is in order to answer the problems of test data management for experts in fire testing and fireproof materials. From the test request to the output of the result report, it is essential to be able to rely on a technical, simple, configurable and secure data management tool.


And so, in order to highlight this valuable partnership for both companies, a team from BASSETTI's communication department visited CREPIM's premises in Bruai-la-Buissière (62) on November 8, 2008, to exchange, observe and collect information on the practices of this unique laboratory. Welcomed by the CREPIM Director, our team was able to immerse itself in laboratory life through meetings with various key profiles and gain a more detailed understanding of how TEEXMA helps to manage tests in everyday cases.


Feel free to consult the video, in link of article, to see the exclusive report of this day: