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Axel Semrau - The Multi-Vendor Innovator in automating manual sample preparation with combined analysis. With more than 35 years of experience in the field of instrumental analysis, Axel Semrau develops its own system solutions under the motto "CHRONECT your lab", which automate daily laboratory work from sample preparation to analysis. These CHRONECT solutions are based on specialist knowledge in the fields of food, cosmetics, environment, air and water. Application Chemists convert manual sample preparation protocols according to European and/or ISO standards into fully automated sample preparation methods and challenge themselves to do this in the shortest possible time. New hardware tools are created when needed to provide a more robust solution and significantly reduce the time required for sample reporting. With the FAT & SAT approach, Axel Semrau ensures smooth installation and delivery. For example, for the CHRONECT Workstation MOSH-MOAH, customer samples can be analysed on the day of installation. More than 5 years ago Axel Semrau started building up its worldwide presence. In 2019, Axel Semrau installed CHRONECT Workstations in the US and Asia and is expanding to Australia and Latin America. But Axel Semrau is also expanding its presence in Europe and Russia to offer first class sales, installation, training, service and maintenance for CHRONECT Your Lab.

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