XiTechniX (Unlimit-IT)

Kleinhoefstraat 5
2440 Geel
Phone: +32-14-57 00 54


Every day laboratories struggle with their data and processes. To solve these problems and making these labs better, XiTechniX was founded in 2003.
From the beginning we’ve built, implemented and integrated a wide range of software solutions to provide the right level of automation and enable continuous improvement.
Today, XiTechniX is a total solution provider in various scientific and technological domains. We combine high quality software solutions (ELN, LIMS, LES, SDMS…) with expert advice and insights. Our customer-oriented approach, focussing on adding value and continuous improvement, is strengthened by a prosperous partnership with iVention, the driving force behind the innovative iLES-platform.
After 15 years of experience, it is still our mission to support scientists towards their next breakthrough and operational success.