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New: Ultrapure water purifier Thermo Scientific

Nouvelle: toximeter waterquality biology

New: TOC analyzer UV-persulfate & combustion IO-analytical

Ankersmid M&C has been active since 1991 in analysis in the lab and directly in processes. We have a large range of renowned brands and guarantee quality and reliable after-sales service. With our own demo and application lab, we always try to provide a tailor-made technique and solution. We have under our flag; analytical chemistry: Thermo scientific; pH, DO, conductiviteit, ISE-electr.-meters TOC, CHNS-O, online ISE monitor natrium, chloride, fluoride, ammonium, calcium, conductiviteit, pH
YSI; glucose, lactaat, glutamine,NH4, glutamaat,methanol,ethanol,sucrose,H2O2,in-situ - AAS - ICP - Fysische chemie: thermobalansen, Micro-balansen, blood and urine analysers, AAS,...

Thermal analysis systems: DSC TGA STA dilatometers, laser flash, xenon flash thin layer analysis, thermal conductivity/resitivity/difusivity/... Seebeck thermomechanical analysis, quenching dilatometer, optical dilatometer,...

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