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LabWare is recognized globally as the leading supplier of enterprise scale LIMS solutions.
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ELN and LIMS in one Enterprise Laboratory Platform.

After monitoring the ELN developments over a number of years, LabWare has introduced its own ELN. LabWare has taken the approach of providing ELN as a seamlessly integrated module of LIMS allowing current and future LIMS users to adopt ELN within a single Enterprise Laboratory Platform. This immediately overcomes (eliminates) the cost and complexity of implementing separate LIMS and ELN products.
New experiment designs are created in the first instance using Microsoft Excel (or equivalent). This gives the “designer” the freedom to create spreadsheets, including charts and associated calculations assembled in a multi-worksheet .XLS workbook. The workbook is then imported into the ELN to form the basis of Experiment Templates and, where appropriate, mapped to LIMS objects.
LabWare ELN is fully integrated with LabWare LIMS instrument data acquisition system and a workflow feature enables guided method execution by sequentially locking/unlocking, hiding, and unhiding rows and columns of the spreadsheet.
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