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Technical consumable products with equivalent or superior quality than original parts for
Calibration: mono and multi standard solutions for ICP, AAS, IC. (official dealer for ANALYTIKA et CZECK METROLOGY INSTITUT) and Organometallic Solutions . All CRM (Certified Reference materials, for metallurgy, petrochemical, mineral and organic chemistry, Food, environment, CRM for physical and chemicals properties ect... , NIST, IRMM, NCS, etc.
ICP-ICP/MS: Torchs, nebulizers, spray chambers, « manifold tubes, cones, (Official dealers GLASS EXPANSION)
PFA Products: Ultrapure acids distiller, PFA labware, reactor, micro-column, filters holder, Labware cleaning system with aggressive solvent in total security (Official dealer SAVILLEX)
Samples Protection and users: Protection enclosure EnviroClean© for ICP/AAS autosampler for traces and ultra-traces analysis- Custom made design.
Digestion: HotBlock for AAS, ICP, ICP-MS. Calibrated PP Tube for digestion and rapid filtration. Hight pressure reactor (ENVIRONMENTAL EXPRESS official dealer)
CHNOS, EA-IR-MS and Proteins (Dumas): Capsules, reagents, tubes (Producer with SANTIS)
Mercury: Hg analyzer AMA 254 without samples preparation for liquids and solids (ALTEC)
AAS : Hollow Cathode Lamps, Superlamp, graphite tubes, standards. (PHOTRON official dealer).
Ion Chromatography: Filter tubes for DIONEX® and Methrom Peak® autosampler (ENVIRONMENTAL EXPRESS official dealer)
Filtration: Seringe filters and filter cassette design for metal traces analysis (ENVIRONMENTAL EXPRESS official dealer)
DBO: Disposable Bottles (ENVIRONMENTAL EXPRESS official dealer)
MES: Prewashed and preweighted Filters (ENVIRONMENTAL EXPRESS official dealer)

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