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t&p has a long experience of implementing IT projects. Since the company was founded, we have worked continually on developing our own LIMS standard software, lisa.lims. This has enabled us to gather wide-ranging expertise in laboratory organization, automation and management information. By pairing this with our experience in custom solutions based on relational databases, we offer services in all areas of application development. Client satisfaction and expert advice have been our watchwords at t&p for 25 years. Prestigious clients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United States and elsewhere, with many of whom we have worked for years, can attest to the success of our philosophy. t&p’s services are DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. Designed as an integrated LIMS (laboratory information and management system), lisa.lims handles general administrative tasks and helps laboratory management organize, plan and implement all order-based workflows efficiently and securely in compliance with rules and standards. Since it was first installed in 1984, t&p lisa.lims has been continuously enhanced as the company’s flagship product and is now used by more than 130 customers with over 10,000 users worldwide. lisa.lims is a cross-industry application. But we know that each laboratory has very specific requirements for its LIMS. That is why we have developed industry-specific modules. The foundation of this evolution is formed by our close working relationship with our clients and our multidisciplinary teams. Every installation of lisa.lims is a unique project, to which our scientists, business experts, engineers and IT specialists contribute a wealth of experience.

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