XRF Scientific Europe

rue de la Consolation 103
1030 Brussels
Phone: +32 478 32 97 44
Fax: +32-2-762 77 12


XRF ScientifiL bvba since 20 years supply quality equipment and consumables for the preparation of samples destined for XRF, ICP & AA analysis.
- Size reduction products: crushing and milling
- Wide range of borate fluxes and additives for fusion
- A large choice of platinum and platinum alloy products and reprocessing.
- Automated fusion machines (fluxer) for the preparation of beads for XRF analysis and solutions for ICP,AAS
- As specialists in sample preparation by fusion : we offer chemical & technical solutions to improve analytical results.
- Products and accessories for press pelletizing applications
- Thermo gravimetric analyzer for coal, food, sludges etc.
- Installation, maintenance & repair