NBS Scientific

Meerpaalweg 6
1332 BB Almere
Phone: +31-365-49 10 10
Fax: +31-355-25 81 55



NBS Scientific is a distribution company with over 10 years of experience and strong familiarity of the life science research market. We supply high-quality products to help improve sample collection, sample storage, sample tracking, lab automation, liquid handling, media preparation and in vitro digestion processes in the lab. In addition, we provide calibration services according to ISO 17025 (RvA accreditation K147) as well as technical services. We love working directly with our customers to provide solutions to everyday challenges – saving them time and money, or more importantly, improving their processes and their results. By taking the time to thoroughly evaluate our customers’ specific applications, budgets, and goals, we have become a respected and valued partner in the life science marketplace. We often work with our trusted manufacturers to develop new products that aren’t currently available on the market or recommend modifications to existing products based on suggestions from our customers.

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