New: CryoFill 2.0

During the Laborama 2020 in Brussels Cryo Solutions will introduce the latest version of the CryoFill automatic filling unit.

The new CryoFill 2.0  has a number of improved and new features and whit this controller you will be able to follow the new MDR medical device ruling in the future combined with real time remote read out van relevant data via an alarm and monitoring system.

De new features are:

Bigger, better usable and readable 4.3” 480x320 pixels TFT  touchscreen

Real time remote read out (modbus RS485) for several monitoring systems

One Fill All Fill sequence

High temperature alarm mode

MDR Class II (pending)


New One Fill All Fill OFAF for CryoFill

This is the new software option for optimizing the filling sequence of several N2 storage vessels by electronically connecting CryoFill units, to minimize your Nitrogen consumption.


NEW High temperature alarm / control sequence for CryoFill

This is our newest software feature for controlling the temperature in the neck of the vessel when the lid is open for a longer period and the temperature in the neck starts to rise, the a high temp alarm activates N2 injection into the vessel which lowers the temperature in the top of the vessel.


These options can also be implemented on existing CryoFill filling units.