Benelux Scientific BVBA

Nieuwe Steenweg 20A
9810 Nazareth
Phone: +32-9-252 54 00
Fax: +32-9-252 23 93


Benelux Scientific is a leading distributor company for laboratory equipment in the Benelux territory: - Handheld NIR, Raman, XRF and LIBS analyzers - Environmental analysis (COD, BOD, mercury, …) - Food and feed analysis (Kjeldahl, Soxhlet, Dumas, fibers) - CS/ONH analysis - Spark-OES - Metallographic sample preparation - Hardness measurement - Digestion blocks and microwave digestion systems - Automated sample preparation for ICP - High pressure reactors - Thermal analysis - Grinding mills, sieve equipment, lab balances, shakers - Microscopy (SEM and digital microscopes) - Micro-XRF and TXRF - Tensile- and compression testers - Viscosity measurement and rheology - Reagents, standards and consumables for ICP, AAS, IC and XRF - Particle size and shape analysis, Zeta potential - Contact angle measurement - TD-NMR analysis - Accelerated weathering

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