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Stand: F11


Parc des Affaires des Portes B.P 403
27104 Val de reuil


Telefoon: +33-2-32 09 55 80
Fax: +33-2-32 09 55 90
Website: www.erlab.com


Erlab group, recognised leader in filtration fume hoods technology, presents an unequaled experience and know-how on molecular filtration. Through its 2 main ranges: GreenFumeHood® and the new filtration technology Neutrodine® and Captair® Flex, both conceived for hand users protection against chemical vapors, Erlab offers performances dedicated to your safety while providing an environmentally friendly solution to laboratories from whole industries. Based on the FLEX technology, a modular, flexible and adaptable column of filtration, those ranges of units provide a wide spectrum of possibilities in term of protection against chemicals and this for a majority of laboratory’s applications. Compliant with the most stringent standards for containment and filtration such as the AFNOR NFX 15-211 2009, those efficient and cost saving innovations, demonstrates today’s possibility to combine protection and energy savings.
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