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Stand: S6


Les Algorithmes 7
Batiment Pythagore
91190 Saint-Aubin


Telefoon: +33-9-72 44 17 10
Fax: +33-9-72 44 17 53
Website: www.limseo.eu


LabSolution® is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), which helps you managing the analytical and administrative activity of the lab, from the registration of the requests to the publishing of tests reports and invoices, while insuring full traceability of tests done on samples.

It also helps monitoring the laboratories of services, control and research, of all sizes, in all sectors.

Focused on the sample life cycle, it helps you save time at every stage of the follow-up.

About Limseo:

• Editor of the LIMS LabSolution®, present on the market since 1995
• A multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians versed in the needs of laboratories
• An average seniority > 7 years for senior project managers and > 18 years for senior developers
• A French & independent company
• A team really listening to the clients to provide an agile service and a personalized support
• A dedicated and reactive hotline, available in French & English
• An active Users Club, supported by LiMSEO, involved in the Road Map definition

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