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Stand: A40

UDIAS Member

Sectie: Labo


Bovenkamp 9
1391 LA Abcoude


Telefoon: +31294760088
Website: www.BioSPX.com


BioSPX: The Company

BioSPX is a new company with a strong focus on Life Science. BioSPX is a full daughter company of Beun - De Ronde, The Netherlands and has offices in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

At BioSPX, it‘s all about quality. In our Quality Policy, we focus on delivering tailored solutions and a fast, efficient but most of all dedicated service to our customers. An intense and open communication, the guarantee of both high-end products and an excellent service and mutual trust are the key elements of our quality. In this way we build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers.

In a continuous effort for improvement, we select our suppliers carefully and with great thought, ensuring the quality of our high-end laboratory equipment & products. Also in our cooperation with our suppliers, we are strong advocates of open communication, accuracy and reliability.

For BioSPX it is essential that our team members are constantly aware of the importance and necessity of aiming only for the highest level of quality. The BioSPX management encourages their employees to reach this goal by supplying them the necessary tools, trainings and support.

Although red is the main color of our company logo, we do THINK GREEN. BioSPX shares the common believe that the care of the environment benefits us all. Therefore we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. This is reflected throughout are entire operation.

Mission statement: We make your innovation our goal!

* BioSPX stands for the exclusive distribution of high-end laboratory solutions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.
* We introduce new technologies and innovations of existing systems.
* We guarantee an optimal and continued operation of your laboratory at all times.
* You can count on an optimal technical support by our service team.

Company values

BioSPX is committed to providing the highest level of both sales & technical support and service to our customers.

* At BioSPX the customer comes first.
* Working together as a team and in close cooperation with our customers is the key.
* We believe in an open communication.
* The BioSPX team focuses on YOUR results
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