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Stand: E19


Uitbreidingsstraat 84/3
2600 Antwerpen


Telefoon: +32-3-541 76 92
Fax: +32-3-541 81 03
Website: www.sarstedt.com


The SARSTEDT-group develops, produces and sells equipment, consumables and accessories for medicine and science. The application of our products needs a high quality-standard. This a fulfilled by our modern, integrated quality-management-system. Next products are a part of the delivery-program. Ask for our general catalogue.
- DESAGA HPTLC -equipment for use in analytical and pharmaceutical laboratories
such as densitometer, applicator, documentation systems, UV-cabinets and automated reagent-sprayer for derivatization

- DESAGA gassamplers for emission- and immission measurements, for tracing workplace pollutants, MWC-checks and examining processgases

- DESAGA germsampler for monitoring microbiological quality of air in working areas of hospitals, pharmaceutical-, cosmetic- and foodstuff industries

- DESAGA precision pistonpumps, also for aggressive media, for use in processtechnology

- SARSTEDT petridish sorting and labeling robot for bacteriologic laboratories

- SARSTEDT pre- and postanalytical automated systems for decapping, recapping,
sorting and aliquoting of all kind of specimentubes

- SARSTEDT laboratory mixers, centrifuges, pipetting aids

- SARSTEDT laboratory consumables and accessories

- Delta T temperature stabilized transportboxes for short and longterm transport of life-science products

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