EGNATON, de Europese federatie voor duurzame laboratoria, komt op donderdagnamiddag met een uitgebreid seminarie programma naar Laborama 2019. De focus van de seminaries zal logischerwijs liggen bij de duurzaamheid van en in een laboratorium. 

De lezingen zullen doorgaan in zaal 321 vooraan de hal op het eerste verdiep (boven het restuarant).

Donderdag 14 maart - ZAAL 321

13:00 - Sustainability Certification for Lab Equipment

EGBERT DITTRICH - Managing director and co-founder of EGNATON

EGNATON and EGNATON CERT – Sustainability Certification for Lab Equipment

The European Association for Sustainable Laboratories works on behalf of sustainability regarding technical and administrative solutions in laboratories. Members out of the lab society meet in work groups of experts on ecological, economical and human topics in order to increase the sustainable performance of labs. The sustainability certification of lab equipment and instruments shall provide reasonable decision-making aids in procurement process.

Over Egbert Dittrich

Egbert Dittrich, managing director of EGNATON and co-founder, editor of “The Sustainable Laboratory Handbook”  

13:30 - The major Content of Sustainability

PETER NEURIEDER - Managing Director of the N&N Office for Safety GbR 

Occupational safety - a key component of sustainability

In optimizing between the economic, environmental and socio-cultural dimensions of sustainability, we must find compromises at many points in the planning process that really deserve the "sustainable" attribute.

A particularly energy-efficient laboratory building will find its optimization on the axis between the ecological and economic dimensions, where it can certainly have an impressive match between high resource and cost savings at the same time.
The fact that the socio-cultural dimension is not even opened and considered may come slightly too short in the face of such "optimization success." In fact, however, occupational safety in the laboratory requires a high level of energy expenditure for the required air exchange rates in the laboratory and thus also higher costs for investment and operation.

The article deals with the importance of occupational health and safety for the planning of sustainable laboratory buildings and describes the EGNATON approach of adequately integrating health and safety at work in the planning of laboratory buildings by means of suitable concepts and instruments.

Over Peter Neurieder

Dr. rer. nat. Peter Neurieder, Diplom-Sicherheitsingenieur

Peter Neurieder , Managing Director of the N&N Office for Safety GbR in Nettetal (D), works primarily as a consultant for laboratory safety, planning assistant, trainer and specialist author.

He supports EGNATON as chairman of working group 3 (WG 3 "Working Conditions") and as a member of the executive board.

14:00 - The advantage of recirculation fume hoods - practice : Servaco by Potteau


In each laboratory the filter hood in its place. Not only in the manufacture of new laboratory, but also for the renewal of existing extraction fume hoods. Filtration will allow you to save energy while working safely. The filter hood is the complementary alternative to the extraction fume hood.

14:30 - TRESPA Top Lab

FRANS SCHOOT - Managing Director of Lab FS

Trespa International B.V. is a leading innovator in the field of architectural materials, recognised internationally as a premier developer of high quality panels for scientific surface solutions, exterior cladding and decorative façades. The three Trespa® TopLab® product lines, TopLab®PLUS, TopLab®VERTICAL and TopLab®BASE, are developed specifically for the most demanding functional and scientific applications and combine basic requirements like high durability and long-lasting hygiene with an attractive and timeless palette of inspiring colours.

Over Frans Schoot

Frans Schoot, Managing Director of Lab FS, sales representatives of the Toplab solutions for Trespa International in Belgium and Netherlands. Frans Schoot has more than 20 years experiences in laboratory environment and represent premium suppliers in the lab supply such as Trespa, Broen-Lab or Friatec/Fridurit

15:00 - Recovery time after ventilation break down


Senior Principal Engineer HVAC platform solutions - Johnson & Johnson

Recovery time after ventilation breakdown

We are facing more frequently power failures resulting in HVAC shutdowns and evacuations of labs. 
The presentation describes a new developed methodology to measure the ‘clean-up period’ for labs and explores the contributing factors.  Based upon the results, EH&S and the Fire department can optimize their interventions after power outage so scientists can restart their work more rapidly in a guaranteed safe environment.

Over Mario Don Porto Carero

Johnson & Johnson
Engineering & Property Services

Senior Principal Engineer HVAC platform solutions

In this role I have global responsibility for HVAC and room ventilation design for J&J.

I’m an engineer with experience in overall HVAC system design, HVAC controls, Commissioning and Qualification and energy analysis for Labs, Chemical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. 

I started my career in 1992 performing cleanroom and lab certifications. I joined J&J in 1995 as a validation engineer and over the years I assumed different roles covering several aspects of specialty environments and HVAC systems (technical owner, project engineer, startup manager, senior manager HVAC).

Member of BCW, ISPE, ASHRAE and EGNATON (WG1) 

15:30 - Building information Modelling - Consequences for Lab Equipment


BIM for Lab and Lab Equipment

Building Information Modelling is making its way to all parts of our building industry and asset management. Already at first sight it becomes obvious that a holistic view - integrating the equipment asset into the building model - will provide a large potential to save time and money, to reduce risks and conflicts - thus making life in labs better. But to achieve these targets, to walk the road it will be necessary to make intensive use of the very basic and first BIM standard called Industry Foundation Class (IFC). This lecture will tell what IFC is about and why it is so different from what we are used to up to now. It will also show the advantages of IFC for us and project first steps at EGNATON.

Over Volker Krieger

Dr.rer.nat. Volker Krieger, born 1958, Diploma Physics, Ph.D. Chemistry, grad. Material Science
Actively working in ISO, CEN and DIN on various BIM Standards. Latest Publication EN ISO 19650 Part 1 and 2 in Dec 2018 (Information Management in BIM)

Working for several Enterprises (e.g. Planen Bauen 4.0 in Berlin). Also Head of Lab Department at Fact GmbH in TMM Group Boeblingen

Latest publication: BIM Open Source CDE Owner of Web-Domain
Member of Egnaton (almost) from the very beginning
Egnation Works: und Eganton BIM Lab Model