CryoSafe safe and comfortable tapping of liquid Nitrogen

The CryoSafe is an automatic unit or filling liquid Nitrogen pressure tanks in a fixed position. This filling van be started fully automatic on level or on time. The CryoSafe in a biorepository (biobank) functions as if it was a biostorage vessel and thereby is fully functional in a one fill all fill sequence (degassing) with all other vessels which in turn ensures the best and lowest LiN consumption, while always heaving access to liquid Nitrogen at a safe low pressure of 1.5 bar.

Additionally the CryoSafe can be equipped with a “deadman’s” button for safely manually withdrawing liquid nitrogen and a stainless steel filling cabinet with plexiglass doors and drip tray for an better and protected filling of smaller open dewars making tapping of liquid Nitrogen much safer.

The CryoSafe comes with a special software feature that when working with a controlled rate freezer or an electron microscope as an extra security we will block any other options for filling, by doing so we prevent pressure drops and vibrations. The CryoSafe can be fitted on any pressure tank no matter what brand or type it is, new or existing and we can supply them including the tank or as lose option, the same goes for the “deadmans” filling button and the filling cabinet.

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