ACHROM introduce YMC's Innovative Column Selection for BioLC

With experience from more than 10 years in production of BioLC solutions, YMC launched in 2018 even more new and innovative products for peptides, proteins and especially (monoclonal) antibodies.

For reversed phase separations the all new YMC-Triart Bio C4 is a widepore phase for (U)HPLC. It offers the perfect solution of outstanding selectivity for peptide and protein analyses as well as antibody separations with its 300 Å pore size. Method flexibility is enhanced due to the high pH (pH 1-10) and temperature stability (up to 90°C). The superior reproducibility guarantees a reliable BioLC QC!

Extraordinary selectivity for antibody analysis: YMC-SEC MAB. Simultaneous analysis of the antibody together with its fragments AND aggregates in just one run is possible! YMC-SEC MAB is the ideal choice for users developing methods for BioLC QC because of its outstanding reproducibility!

Effective separation of antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and proteins is provided by the high-resolution of the hydrophobic interaction column BioPro HIC BF. The butyl bonded polymer phase provides cost-efficient long-term stability. The excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility assures a consistent QC. BioPro HIC BF improves analysis throughput with virtually no carryover effects. or contact Achrom T +329 380 06 47  -