Live Labs

During Laborama Expo 2017, visitors can find in each hall a complete live lab. In these live labs, equipment is set up which will be used for live demonstrations during multiple sessions. Each sessions will be guided by a moderator that will accompany the visitors during their tour through the live labs. The newest equipment and techniques will be presented to the visitors within a real lab environment by specialists. The concept allows the visitors to ask questions very directly about the presented equipment.

The guided tours are held alternately in French and Dutch.


Live lab hall 1: Material Testing, Sample Preparation & Biotech

  • 10h00 – 10h40: Dutch
  • 11h00 – 11h40: French
  • 12h00 – 12h40: Dutch
  • 14h00 – 14h40: French

Special thanks to LabMakelaar Benelux for installing this live lab.

With equipment/consumables from:


Live lab hall 2: Analytical chemistry 

  • 10h00 – 10h40: French
  • 11h00 – 11h40: Dutch
  • 12h00 – 12h40: French
  • 14h00 – 14h40: Dutch

Special thanks to Potteau Labo for installing this live lab.

With equipment from:


Advanced Chromatography Solutions

Device: Observ-online HPLC-platform


The Observ-LC is an HPLC analyses system for the detection and quantification in real-time, directly during production, of complex samples, end products and industrial wastewater. Thanks to the modular nature, there is a large choice of possible solutions, ranging from very simple systems to more complex instruments, including mass spectrometry, automatic dilution and post-column derivatization . During the Live Lab sessions, the monitoring of hazardous products in wastewater will be demonstrated.

Ankersmid M&C

Device: thermal conductivity analyzer type THB (Transient Hot Bridge) from Linseis


This analyzer allows us to analyze the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of a whole range of materials like polymers, metals, ceramic, .. . The typical time of analyses is less than 1 minute and the sample preparation is very easy (2 flat surfaces are sufficient). The sensor is clamped between the prepared sample surfaces, after which the analyses and evaluation automatically start with a simple push of a button.

Anton Paar Benelux

Device: Monowave 450, Microwave extraction system


With the monowave, we can automatically and at an accelerated pace extract at higher extraction temperatures and extraction pressures. Additives from polymers, pesticides from plant material and fats from food are just a few of the examples for which soxhelextractions can be accelerated from hours to mere minutes. 


Device: Elx405TS+BioStack3WR


For what applications is this device suited?

  • Washing 96 & 384-well plates + option to wash multiple plates in sequence (Biostack)
  • Optimised for cell-based assays, biomagnetic separation, vacuum filtration, …
  • Touch screen in colour and expansive software
  • USB port for exchange of protocols, data, …
  • Patented integrated ultrasonic cleansing and control of dispense and aspiration needles


BRS - Beun de Ronde Serlabo

Device: SMART 6 from CEM: revolutionary in dry material determination


The SMART 6 can be called revolutionary when compared to other dry material analysers: it can determine both dry and wet needles, and this in a couple of minutes.

This is possible thanks to the iPower technology that produces for the correct drying result by means of a patented multi frequency energy

Via the touch screen, the method is selected and all the results are saved. Via the software, a complete statistical analyses can be carried out and the traceability is assured. The time it takes to analyse samples with a high moisture  level like in food (meat, sauces, pasta, potato products), dairy products (ice cream, whey, milk, cheese, butter), coatings and chemicals can be cut in half. Furthermore, the low moisture level in powders, polymers, apolar solvents, plastic pellets, granules and pharmaceutical components contains no more secrets for SMART 6. The SMART 6 assures the fastest dry material determination with the most accurate result for each type of sample.

Important benefits:

  • Fast drying time, results in 3 minutes
  • Significant faster than an incubator (>4 hours) or halogen/IR dryer (>20min.)
  • Direct determination, no calibration model neede
  • Suited for use in a production environment and laboratories
  • No combustion by continuous temperature monitoring
  • Effective drying by heating from the inside
  • Upgradeable to Oracle for fat measurement


Device: Compact spectrocolorimeter


This spectorcolorimeter measures HAZE and transmission colour on transparent and translucent liquids and solid material in all possible colour rangers. The device possesses an integrated standardised cycle and a simple user interface via the touch screen. 



Device: DR3900 VIS spectrophotometer


Compact VIS-spectrophotometer with RFID technology for reliable and reducible measuring results with routine analyses and specialised user applications in water analyses.  This system is meant to deliver accurate results from sampling to sample preparation, analyses right up to the documenting of the results.


Device: Milli-Q Integral


Milli-Q Integral is a water purification system that is suited for the sensitive analytical and biological applications such as HPLC.


Device: OMNIS


OMNIS is Metrohm’s new, fully integrated titration system that caters to the needs of today’s laboratories.

With OMNIS, we have gone beyond just creating a new titrator. We have put your requirements and your laboratory in the focus to develop a titration solution that simply offers more: faster results, more safety, more convenience, more efficiency – in short: performance on a whole new level. 

PMT Benelux

Device: M9 portable TOC analyser


This portable TOC analyser offers a quick and precise analyses of the paramaters  TC, IC, TOC and conductivity.

In less than 15 minutes (repeats) and with only the need for a power connections both off-line and on-line samples can be measured. Thanks to a strong UV/persulfate oxidation, followed by the by Sievers developed conductivity measuring behind membrane, the most complex organic molecules, like for example humus acids, can be analysed without problem. With an analyses reach of 1ppb t 500ppm C, this is the ideal solution for analyses of water types ranging from ultrapure to untreated water. 

Veolia Water STI

Device: Chorus I, a modular system for the production of ultra-pure water of the type I ASTM for the laboratory


The Chorus I is designed to purify untreated water into ultra-pure water (Type I ASTM). This ultra-)pure water, with quality control and without ions (resistance >18,2 and contains a very low level of TOC (<5ppb). The Chorus I is also suited to produce apyrogen, DNase and Rnase free water. It is also suited for all analytical analyses such as, among others, the most sensitive techniques such as HPLC/UPLC, ICP-MS, electrophoreses of proteins/AND/ARN, cell culture and biomolecular techniques.


Device: SpectraMax i3x Multi-Mode Detection Platform with Imaging Cytometer


The SpectraMax i3x Multi-Mode Detection Platform with Imaging Cytometer is a plate reader for all your absorption, fluorescence, luminescence and cell based applications. Think of intrinsic fluorescence, AlphaLISA, flash kinetics, cytology, western blot, … .


Device: Waters ACQUITY UPLC®  H-Class System with a QDa Mass Detector


This liquid chromatographer with mass detection of ultra-performance is suited for a whole plethora of applications. During the Laborama Live Lab demonstrations, an analyses of amino acids for clinical research will be shown. The high separating performance of the Acquity UPLC combined with the specific mass detection, offers us the possibility to quantitatively measure a broad panel with loads of isobar amino acids in a very short time span. 


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